This is probably going to be the most difficult topics I am going to cover. There are so many intricate details to this one, that it is impossible to explain it in just one blog. I will have several guides throughout my blogs, books, YouTube channel, and many other sources, to make this process as easy as possible for you. So lets deep dive into this journey that we call life.

What Is Purpose

First let us try to define what purpose is exactly. To be honest with you there is not a proper definition for purpose. It is something that cannot be possibly defined by words, because it goes far deeper than words could ever express.

Purpose is more of a feeling. It goes deep into the core of what makes you more than you. You would sacrifice your own body for your purpose, and that is what I mean by it goes deeper than just the you that you know. This is going to be a journey and there is not one recipe that fits everyone.

Do you know what runs deeper than yourself? If you do please feel free to share in the comments below. I love to hear when people find what their purpose in life truly is.

Inch Deep Mile Wide

This is a method I often tell other’s who are in search of their purpose. What inch deep mile wide means, is to experiment with a lot of different things in life. Don’t go all in into just one thing. Try a variety of things, and see what really resonates with you.

Hence inch deep means not to focus too much on just one thing. Give it a try see if you like it or not, and mile wide means to try a bunch of different things.

This is what I did when I was much younger. I would try a ton of different things, to see what I liked and what I didn’t. Taking the opportunity to experiment in life to see what fit me best.

Why Intro

I have purposely not gone into details on this specific blog, because if I did this would be the size of a dictionary x10 and never get published. Since this is an important subject I figured I would give you a taste. Hence, having Intro in the title.

Those who have found their purpose know what I am talking about. This is not a 6-month process. This takes years of self-awareness, planning, taking action, failure, coaching, learning, and putting it all together.

Those who tell you it is easy, and you just have to follow these few steps is telling you a lie. Although it is your choice if you would like to believe them or not.

You Will Know

One thing I can tell you is to continue to educate yourself. Keep learning, understanding, and growing. The one thing I will tell you is when you do find your purpose you will know you have found it! It will awaken your soul in a way you have never felt before.

Everything will come together naturally for you and you will be in alignment with your purist you.


This is not to come off as a teaser, but an honest truth. To often we hear how we can do this and do that with little to no effort, or you can do this but it is going to be extremely difficult and you need to try harder than everyone else.

I am going to tell you this is something everyone can do, but it will take hard work, meaningful work, the willingness to learn, an ability to question life, the willingness to fail, taking educated risk, and probably a few other things I cannot think of at the moment.

I can tell you this though. If all of this seems intimidating, I don’t mean for it to be. This process can be an easy one with the right mentor’s in your life. They will guide you in the process in all the things that you must learn in order to truly find your passion.

I know you will find your way. You get the option to choose the easy way or hard way. I honestly do not believe there is a right or wrong choice. Which ever works best for you is the route you should take.


If you are looking for a mentor you can start with those you know best. If there is someone you know and respect you can ask them if they would be willing to be your mentor. You would be surprised how often a person would be willing to do so. I also have a mentoring service as well. If you are interested you can email me at

Good Luck

Whatever you decide to do to get there, just make sure you get there. That is all I ask. I want people to find the fire of their soul and help it to burn at its brightest. It is your time. Make your greatness a reality! Find your purpose and let the world know just how great you really are!

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Comments (4)

  1. Christina


    Oh man, what is life’s purpose? That is a big topic. You gave me some things to think about. I am always still searching for my purpose. Sometimes I think I have it, and sometimes I think I’m off track.

    I love what you said about trying many different things to see what resonates. One purpose I think we all have here is to experience all that we can in life. And those experiences can lead you down an incredible life path.

    Do you think you’ve found your purpose in life? Do you think there’s just one?

    • Clifford Starks


      Hi Christina, I am glad you are searching. I do believe each individual does have only one purpose, because we all have something rare and unique about us that only we can do. I think it really is the hardest thing to find, but in return it is the most rewarding when you find it. What are your thoughts? 

  2. Jamie Clay


    Thanks, CLiff!

    I really needed this push along. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to keep going and don’t stop until you’ve reached your destination.

    Finding your purpose is definitely not easy. But when you are on the right track, you will know by that sensational burn in your soul that this is it.

    I wake up different now! I wake up with the purpose that I must continue until I’ve completed it all.

    Thanks for the inspiration today. I am truly inspired.

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you are inspired Jamie, keep on moving and doing the necessary things needed to get to your goals friend 🙂

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