The 1 percent who make it to their success really understand the game of life and being successful in the game. This is not about talent or luck either. When you follow the steps correctly you too can be a part of the 1 percent.

There are three major stages that a person has to go through to find the success they desire. Knowing what the process is makes your goals obtainable, and also helps you become honest enough with yourself to see if it is what you really want.

This Is Not Worth It

The 5 words “this is not worth it” can be absolutely devastating to someone who is not ready for it. Everyone has got to go through this stage to get where they are really looking to go. In life when you are attempting to get some form of success you will go through “the this is not worth it” stage.

It can also be known as you are investing way more than you are getting back. Think about the first time you ever attempted something that was new. You have to put in a ton of energy just to get even half-way decent at it.

When you are putting energy into your goal, you are also learning the best strategies for your goals. That takes a lot of energy to learn what you have to do to get to your success, and you have to add taking action on the goal you are attempting to reach.

All of your work is not quite paying dividends. Knowing this information though will make the process much easier. If you realize that all the effort you are putting in now will show up later, it can give you the drive to keep moving even though you may not quite see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So always remember if you feel frustrated or feel like it is not quite worth it. That is the stage most people will quit at. So just keep pushing through.

It is also important to realize that this is a very real stage and this is why you have to be honest with yourself, and know what you are doing is something that you can tolerate, because if you don’t like it and it is not worth it either. Most likely you will find a reason to not be able to finish the task at hand.

Let’s use the example of an entrepreneur looking to start their first business. You essentially will be putting in a lot of work to get their company of the ground. You will have to find a way to get capital up, and will be putting in more work than they are getting back. The learning curve will also be step. You will have to learn about management, leadership, finances, marketing, sales, and a list of other things that relate to their business. All of this and they may not be getting anything in return from the company yet.

This Is Worth It

If you make it out of the this is not worth it stages, congratulations! That is a tough stage to make it out of, and you must have the right mindset to get through it.

The “this is worth it” stage has its own pitfalls as well. You have learned the strategies need for the “this is not worth it” stages, and have even taking the necessary action to get to the “this is worth it” stage.

The problem here is people can often relax at this stage. Not realizing now is the time to push the most. You want to go further because there is a stage even better than this one, but often people stop saying I finally made it. This is an illusion. You have not quite made it yet, but you are much closer.

Here you must continue to learn, grow, and develop yourself. You have probably set some small goals that you have already obtained, but to get to the 1% is going to take another push.

Here you must continue to put energy into reaching new goals. Some may fell satisfied with were they are at and slow down. That is fine if you are not looking to be where the 1% of success are, but if you do want to get there, lets talk about the final stage.

As an entrepreneur you are a step closer. You have now hired a staff to do some of the work, and they are seeing a return on their investment. The learning cure is not quite as step as it used to be. You still have to learn though and improving on the systems if they want to their business up. Find more hires to delegate some of your work is still a task that must be done. You continue to implement new systems making the business even more solid.

I Am Not Worth This Much

This is it! The most powerful stage you can get to. A place where things just come to you. Being at the “I am not worth this much” stage gives you an insane amount of leverage. Everything becomes much easier. You no longer have to work quite the same for things, because they come to you more naturally.

At this stage all you have to do is maintain. You have put in the work and now everything is paying dividends. Congratulations if you have made it to this stage! It is a great place to be!

Back to the entrepreneur. Your systems are in place. The strategies are locked in. You no longer have to search out to hire people, because people have heard of your reputable company and come to you. Things run very smoothly now and you just have to keep an eye on your business, and make adjustments when they are necessary. Everything is easy at the maintenance stage. All the work that you put in at the beginning has turned to this. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Good Luck

I wish you luck on your journey. Remember just because it is the 1% does not mean only 1% will make it. If you are willing to put in the real work you will get the real results. So really have an idea of what you want, and go after it!

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