Hello everyone, I am going to make this article short and sweet. At least I think I am going to make it short and sweet haha.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU?! Yep I am yelling it. I have met my fair share of people and I am hoping to meet many more, and let me tell you when I genuinely ask that question I see people’s eyes light up with a fire and intensity they may not have felt for a while.

You see when I ask that question I want to know the answer, and I mean your truth that feeling you get deep down in your gut and you know it, what really inspires you! I am passionate about you, and that forces people to be passionate about themselves. Why do people do great things when they are around great people, because they make them feel great themselves. Everyone has the greatness, sometimes they just have to be reminded.

Just think about what being inspired does for you. If you have to get up in the morning to do something you absolutely dread and do not want to do. How difficult is it? Your body aches you feel like crap, you struggle just to get out of bed making old people noises and all, but what about doing what you want. Getting ready to do what you enjoy, being inspired to get to the destination you are going to. You probably can’t even sleep because you are excited with anticipation of what you will be doing the next day. You feel alive!

Isn’t that one of the greatest feelings ever? Having the inspiration to do something! At the end of the day it is just another positive word a feeling and emotion. You can replace inspired by what ever positive word you would like. What do you love to do, what is your passion, what inspires you, what makes you want to live, what goals of greatness do you have? Different words work for different people, but when you find the sentence that makes you answer the question grab it and run with it. So the world how great you really are.

This is giving me chills just typing about it. I have seen what a person on a mission to their dreams can do. A real nothing is going to stop me from getting to this type of dream. It is already a reality in their head, and the reason being is that they have found their inspiration. What drives them to be the greatest version o themselves.

I hope that this short blog helps you to find the reality you know that you deserve. Make your life easier by doing what you love. If inspired it is not a matter of if but when!

Also two lovely ladies named Elaine and Scarlett that I meet within my social network have allowed me to put a link to their blog. Check out their blogs they have some very inspiring stuff in them.  http://lifesdailyinspiration.com/

So I ask you what inspires you?

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Comments (4)

  1. Derek Marshall


    Hi there Clifford,

    Thank you kindly for the thought provoking article and question!. What inspires me?

    For me personally it is freedom and the ability to be happy and bring that joy of freedom to others and to inspire others to greatness and freedom. Living in Asia for 7 years now I see a lot of hardship and real poverty. To aid and help people to gain a western income by means of internet really gets my juices flowing!

    • Clifford Starks


      Hello Derek,

      That is awesome to hear Derek, and I am glad to hear you are happy to help put yourself and other’s into financial freedom. I could only imagine what you have seen in Asia, and so I am sure your drive is extreme when it comes to giving the kind of financial freedom that everyone deserves to have a chance to have. Keep hustling on those goals, 

      Have a blessed day, and I will be rooting for you Derek!

  2. Vicki Crawford


    Comment Hi Clifford- Inspiration. Wow! What inspires? So many things to inspire us and your article did just that for me
    Well written and has given me so much to think about so thank you

    • Reply

      I am glad it inspired you Vicki, and I appreciate your comment! I hope you have a blessed weekend, and remember there is greatness within you!

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