What Is Success

I have been around a lot of successful people in my life. There are certain characteristics that I have noticed that every successful person has to get them to were they are.

Success can mean so many things to so many people. Some may want to be successful as a parent, a doctor, a friend, and the list goes on. I am going to give you a formula that I will believe everyone can relate to on their personalized journey to success.

Make Your Cake

If I had to relate success to anything it closely resembles making the perfect cake. Don’t worry I will be going into detail about why I believe success is the same as a cake. Then you can comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree after. This should be a lot of fun haha.


Every cake need certain ingredients to be made. The same thing is true with success. Your flour is a base ingredient, so that could be the work ethic you are willing to put in. Then there is sugar, which can be the self belief needed to make the cake sweet.

A perfect cake need the right ingredients to truly stand out, and it is important to know what ingredients are necessary. Often you see a list of ingredients when you look at a recipe. It doesn’t say how much of what you need is first it just tells you that you need it.

Everyone knows they need certain characteristics to be successful. Even if they may not know how much they need of each ingredient. The basic you need patience, work ethic, belief in yourself, come to mind when I think of ingredient.

Cook Book

Next up is the cook book. This is where you get an idea of specifically how much of each ingredient you will need for this to work. Cook books are made by those who have gone through the process already. They make the process easier because you now know exactly how much of each ingredient you need is.

This could be your coach or mentor on your journey to success. Someone who has gone through it all will make the process easier. So you are not stuck making cake after cake before you get it right. You could potentially try to make your first cake from scratch, but I do not think it will turn out very well for you.

People who have never made a cake can use a cook book so it is essential for making the process easier.

Special Ingredient

This is the most powerful aspect of the whole process, yourself. No one can quite make the cake you are looking to make. You are the special ingredient in the cake making process.

For this very reason no one can give an A through Z formula for success, because you are the key. It is up to you on how well your cake will turnout. Put your soul into making your cake. Make your ingredient worth wild for true success to show.

Bake It

The baking process is another crucial component of the perfect cake. Baking it for too short and it will cook uneven and be messy. Bake it for too long and you have burnt your cake. Doing it just the right amount to have a moist and perfectly made cake, that is what you are looking for.

The same is true with success. I am sure you know people who have moved to fast and have absolutely no patience. There are also others who seem to be too patient for their own good. Just letting life pass them by. You have to have that right timing for true success to come together. Be proactive but not reckless.

Let It Cool

Then there is the process of letting it cool down. Being aware and knowing it is almost time to be served. Get too overly excited and you will have a flat cake or one that is way too hot for being edible. Life cannot be all rush. There is a process that needs to be taken, and each step needs to be respected.

You are almost there to your success. Sit back and let the necessary processes take place now.

Serve It

Here it is! The moment you have been waiting for. You now get to server your cake. Your special cake that no one else can quite make, because it is yours. It came from your experiences, you put it together, and now you get to reap the rewards of people enjoying it.

Also, yes you get to enjoy your cake as well. Talk about having your cake and eating it too haha.

Smile big friend because you deserve it!

Failure Is OK

Just like failure can occur when going towards finding your success. The same is true with a cake. The best part about it though the more often you attempt to make a cake. The better you become at it.

Sometimes people get so good at it they do not even need the recipe book anymore. Enough attempts at putting it together will make it well worth it in the end. Don’t cry over spilled milk, and a burnt cake is ok too. Just take another shot at it, and do better than you did the last time.

My Thoughts

That is why I feel success is like making a cake. A lot more goes into it then people sometimes realize, but when broken down the steps are pretty similar between the two.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you go off to make your perfect cake.


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