The second step if often overlooked or people put way too much time into it. It really is quite a simple step, but people think way too much on it. It simply comes down to having a plan. Have an idea of what you are going to do.

If I asked you to travel somewhere you would get a road map to have an idea of where you were going. That is all a plan really is, a road map letting you know where your destination is. It is not to say you will not hit roadblocks, but having a map you would at least have an idea of where you needed to go.

I like to put a big infuses on creating a S.M.A.R.T. plan

Make it SPECIFIC, what are the details of your plan the more detailed the plan is the better off you are for knowing what you need to do, and may need to overcome to accomplish it.

Make it MEASURABLE. Measure what you are looking to accomplish. If you can measure it you can have an idea of how well your action is adding up. You want to have an idea if your actions are producing results and measuring it is one of the best ways to know if they are.

Is it ABTAINABLE. This is one you have to decide on yourself. I like to go after things that people do not believe can be attained, but I do keep it in reason. Go big on your goal but be willing to ask yourself the difficult questions. If you want to be a basketball star in the N.B.A. and you are a grown man at 4’6” I am not going to tell you that you can’t. Yet the odds of attaining it is not very high.

REALISTIC. Are you giving yourself goals you can get to in a realistic time. If you say I want to make 1 million dollars in 5 day starting with nothing, I would consider that a very unrealistic goal. The more realistic your goals are the better chance you have at reaching them, and also readjusting if you have to.

How much TIME. Give yourself a time to achieve it. How much time are you looking to complete your plan. When a person says however long it takes, that is not time specific, and you could be potentially setting yourself up for failure with a thought process like that. Give yourself a time chart so you can see what is working and what is not and why. We have a limited amount of time and it is important that we use it wisely.

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Comments (6)

  1. Brandon


    I loooove this S.M.A.R.T tactic. I’ve never been able to achieve my goals. I always get close and fall off the wagon, and sometimes I make a goal, wait a day and quit way too early. I’m going to use S.M.A.R.T to create smaller goals and achieve them one by one, and then go for the bigger goals. Cheers for such a great guide, I’ll be back for more!

    • Clifford Starks


      Awesome Brandon, I will be rooting you on in your journey. The right strategy can make all the difference. Best of luck!

  2. Roland


    Excellent article you have shared and I must say that this is very helpful. It is true that getting the road Map of success is integral to the growth of every individual and I’m sure that the information you have shared here are top notch. The idea of formulating the plan around the formula of SMART is great. I will look forward to inculcating this into my life

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you liked it Roland, and that you will be implementing a SMART plan in your life.

  3. Zerek


    Let me start by saying excellent job on that video man. I felt like I was watching an inspirational/ motivation clips. But its’s relevent to LIFE in general. Alot of people coming up with “ideas” , some of them being better then others. But the real question is, How are you going to go about it? How are you going to carry out your “idea”. Might I add I noticed how you mentioned a LONG term plan and SHORT term plans. Because its important to have a “overall” picture of what your trying to accomplish, but also what are you going to do on the day-to-day grind to hit that LONG term plan. I like the MOTO and ill be coming back and checking for “Part 3” of this series. Thanks for reminding me to get my “plans” both LONG and SHORT on track and in reach.

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you liked it Zerek! Always appreciate the support and great to hear you will be following along with the series. I love hearing about others taking the steps to live in their greatness. 

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