The words you say to yourself can be extremely powerful. Sometimes we may not realize it in the moment and we can say words that can discourage us or even believe that we are incapable of doing certain things. The same is true when we use words that will empower and remind you how capable you really are.

Imagine during your most difficult times having words that will ignite you to find the opportunity in the obstacles put in your way. I know that feeling when you just want to close your eyes and hope that somehow you just disappear. Unsure of how to make the situation better because you feel you are between a rock and a hard place. I use two words during this seemingly unbearable times. The two words I use are for moments like this are “What If”… What if I find a way to get out of this impossible situation, and create a story for the ages. What if I make it through this insane challenge and help inspire others to believe they can do it too. Keep grinding, keep moving, and keep believing. Go all in on the greatness that you have.

These are words that you can repeat to yourself over and over. They can feel easy to say when times are good, but they are important words to practice so you can say them when times are difficult too. Always saying them with the same power and conviction, no matter what is presented to you. We become the things we say and act on. So make sure to think great things, and act on it as well. Go all in on yourself, and remember if you feel that the walls are closing in utter those two words “What If”.

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  1. Emmanuel Buysse


    Great inspiring post.

    Indeed, giving these 2 words can give you a lot of encourage to make that goal done that you want. 

    I would not say what if, because in my case it would be like I didn’t do it and asked myself what if. No, instead, I will say, let’s do it! 

    It gives that powers urge you need to get things done. 

    Anyway, I like your post, since it works inspiring, thanks for sharing it. 

  2. Paul


    Dear Clifford,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. 

    Indeed, auto suggestions are a greater help. “WHAT IF” thanks for sharing this and I got great insights.

    Via your post I realized the importance of the thought process and how our thinking can impact our life. My Grand pa use to say “You need to talk to yourself often” and “You need to be very careful on what you are thinking or letting inside your mind”. After reading your post I recalled his great wise words and I can relate it very well now.

    Thanks a lot for providing a great value in your post.

    Much Success!


    • Clifford Starks


      That’s awesome Paul, I am glad to hear your grand pa instilled you with that wisdom! Keep doing great things Paul and continue to share your message!

  3. stefan


    What if, a great question.

    I like that, but sometimes it is not easy to end the sentence. What if you say “what if this all doesn’t work?”. I think I must be prepared with a complete question in hard times, a positive one, that I can remember and recite. Something like “What if today I start to make things changing to the better?”

    Or the one you use, “What if I create a story for the ages”

    • Clifford Starks


      Yes what you say after the what if is important. Important to practice positive affirmations. Thanks for stopping by, and keep doing great things!

  4. Renton


    This is an excellent post! The words we say have incredible power over our own lives and the lives of others. A kind or wise word may inspire someone to achieve their full potential but in the same way, a negative or discouraging word can scar someone for life and stop them from achieving their potential.

    The question “What if?” is so powerful because it releases the cap on our imagination leading us to believe that we can achieve things that seem out of our reach. It is easy to take our words for granted but to truly realize how powerful they are is life changing.

    I will remember to use utter this challenge to myself and see what happens!

    Thanks for sharing this powerful information!

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you liked it Renton. Keep doing great things in your life, it is your story make it a great one friend!

  5. Micah


    Love your heart behind this, Clifford.  We need more people like you in the world that want to help spread positivity and actually help people!

    For me it’s not two words, it’s five.  “It’s going to be OK.” I once heard someone talk about how when we find ourselves going through crisis we begin to go down the path of placing blame for what feels like something/someone ruining our life.  The truth of the matter, however, is that our life really isn’t ruined.   Just as precious metals are forged in fire and diamonds created under pressure, we grow and become better people if we allow ourselves to.  Or we can sulk and live under the lie that our life is ruined, but I bet when all is said and done…it’s going to be ok. 😉

    • Clifford Starks


      Very well said Micah, and I love It’s going to be ok! Plus I like how you mention becoming stronger from the pressures you are presented with. I like your comparison of a diamond being created through pressure and heat. Keep doing great things in life!

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