Everyone has something unique and special about them. Something that makes them great. Are you living to your full potential?

What Greatness means to you

I always say when you are looking to get to something that you want, you have to define what it means to you first. What does greatness means to you, and what do you want to be great at. Greatness seems pretty easy to define to be one of the best or the best in something. It is well beyond average, and it surpasses good.

The question now is what do you want to be great in. Do you want to be a great writer, athlete, family person, friend, entrepreneur, the list goes on. You get to pick what you want to be great in, and you can be great in many areas. For example, you can be a great entrepreneur who is a great family man as well.

Write a Plan

So having your idea of what greatness is to you, it is now time to look in the mirror. Take a deep long look at yourself because now it is time for self reflection. Ask yourself what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? There is no judgment here, strengths and weaknesses can always be adjusted if you are willing to practice at adjusting them, but knowing who you are is one of the most important steps to creating a solid plan.

Now that you have an idea of what areas you would like to be great, and have thought about your strengths and weaknesses make a plan of what you want to be great in and how you are going to achieve it. Focus on your strengths and triple down on them. If you have weaknesses you have to bring up to achieve your goals, have a plan on how you will achieve that.

To be great at something takes dedication, and real work to accomplish. So whichever path you choose, I would advise making sure it is something that you love, and our passionate about.

Take action

Now that you have a plan the next step is to act on the plan. It sounds like such an easy thing to do, but how many people wake up day after day wishing they would have done something productive, but didn’t. That is why writing the plan down is so important, because when you see it in writing your chances of taking action on the plan increase.

Action is such a crucial component to all of this too. I have seen plenty of people fall prey to the self-help read a bunch of books and not take any action on the books that they have read. In order to have true growth you have to not only educate yourself, but take action on your education. How many people learned how to ride a bike just reading books? No one that I know of, you have to get on the bike fall a few times and learn from your mistakes.

Challenge yourself

To be great at something you are going to have to challenge yourself. Will your fail at times? You will but that is OK, because that is where you learn and grow. Plus I always say it is really only a failure when you refuse to get back up. This is where you find tune your plan and learn through actions taken. Challenging yourself strengthens you, and honestly you truly feel alive when you take on a challenge. These test that you give yourself will pay dividends.

Whatever you are looking to be great in accept the challenges you will face, and know that everything you are doing is to invest into yourself. It is also important to note that on your strengths and weakness will determine the challenges you give yourself and how often.

Some people thrive on pushing the envelope, and the harder the better. Others would like the slow and steady approach, and then there are some who can be somewhere in the middle. Know what route works best for you, because this is your journey not anyone else’s.


Be optimistic

With everything you will be doing, it is absolutely important to have an optimistic attitude through all of it. Knowing that everything is going to work itself out. Your plan might change, you will continue to learn throughout your journey, the actions you take will be hard at times, and you may not pass every challenge you have been presented with right away, but know in your heart it will all come together and work in the long run.

You are putting in the work, you are learning, growing, and developing. Remind yourself greatness is just around the corner. In fact, it is not around the corner, it is inside you. It has always been. You are just taking the steps necessary for everyone else to see it.

Your time

Now you have the steps down. I hope that you implement them to bring out the greatness within you. You will not regret it if you do, that I can promise you. Good luck to you and I hope you have a blessed day.




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Comments (4)

  1. Karen Noone


    Thankyou for a very inspiring post and thankyou for the practical steps you give too.

    Being great at anything does take time and a lot of energy. I like to read about self development in any form. I find it keeps me focused on my own goals.

    You have made me realise that I need to keep the plan in mind. I am quite good at getting side tracked !

    • Reply

      Thank you I am glad you enjoyed my post. Yes with a proper plan and action your potential becomes limitless. I will be rooting for you and your success!

  2. justin


    Hey this was a good article, greatness is hard to find sometimes. It seems like with all the struggles of life and all the stress that certain people have it is really hard to stay positive. I have been dealing with soo much this past year but i still try to do what i need to do with my websites, some days i dont really want to do anything at sll. Thanks for the article i do what to be great!

    • Reply

      Glad you liked it! I am glad you are ready to go, sometimes we just need a little reminder of how great we really can be. I wish you the best of luck!

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