If you really want to get what you want out of life, and put the law of attraction into action. I will give you the ingredients to really make it happen. Putting these methods into place are very powerful and when you put them together, you will see just how powerful you can become. This is not a just think about it and watch it come to you method, but the good news is this method can literally be applied by anybody

What Do You Want

It starts with knowing what you want. Take a notepad and write down what you want in life. Make the list as long as you would like. Just start writing everything that comes to mind. You may even list them from most wanted to least wanted if you would like. Do not think to long on this part though. Just throw what ever comes to mind on there

Throw The List Away

Now throw the list away, and see if you can remember anything that you have put on the list. Did anything specifically stick out from the list that you can remember? Often times they mention vision boards creating a subconscious level of memory, and I am not saying it is wrong to have, but shouldn’t you have conscious memory going to your goals as well.

I have some say they have manifested their reality. Yet they have only manifested the basic things in life, that occur through regular everyday life. Have you ever asked someone to try it out. Something as simple as manifest that we will get every green light for the next five miles. I have not seen anyone who can do it yet.

Writing down what you want in life and even having a vision board to get what you want are empowering tools to have, but they will not do it alone. They prime the mind for what is to come.

Burning Desire

This is the most important part of all the pieces to the puzzle. The burning desire is the piece that really brings all the other pieces together. One way or another. The problem with the secret is people have turned having burning desire into wanting to have something, but wanting it is just not enough.

We have many wants in this world, but a need is a completely different story. Imagine this you are trying to lose 25 lbs for your New Years Resolution, and you are given 6 months to do it. To lose 25 lbs in 6 months is a relatively easy goal. Yet how many people make this a New Years Resolution year in and year out, and end up with the same results. They end up losing 5 lbs and saying screw it.

There is nothing wrong with it. The truth is the desire to obtain it just wasn’t there. This gives people the opportunity to trick themselves out of why they could not do it. One can use excuses like, I just didn’t have the time, I can’t eat like this for ever, I only really wanted to lose 5 lbs anyway, and the list can go on and on.

What if we changed the scenario though. If I told you that you have 6 months to lose 25 lbs or you will have a heart attack and become paralyzed. Everything changes then. I guarantee people lose 25 lbs within the first couple of months or sooner for that matter.

That is what having a burning desire is, wanting something so bad that you actually become obsessed with it. It is no longer a want but a need. How many times have you truly been tested, and shown just how capable you really are. Now imagine using it to get what you want, instead of using it to avoid what you don’t.

You can literally get whatever you want in this world, if you put in 100% effort towards getting it. So be honest with yourself. What is it that you have a burning desire to get to? What is it that you would regret not really going after? I know everyone has that one thing they want to get to. Start today to get it. Too often people wait or say they have all the time in the world, yet we are not guaranteed unlimited time. Take the steps to your success.

Willingness To Learn

To get to your goals you have to be willing to learn. How can you get to something if you do not know how to get there. You can try as hard as you want. Without a proper blueprint you will be aimlessly wandering in the dark trying to figure out how to get something you have never gotten.

One of the best things you can do is have those mentor you who have already done what you are looking to do. It really is that simple. They will guide you on the necessary steps to take to find your success. A mentor is a very valuable commodity, because they can help you avoid pitfalls they made on the way, and also accelerate the process of getting to your goal.

Imagine a high level athlete playing at the highest level without any coaching. First off they would never get there without a coach, but lets just say they miraculously do get there. Once that start playing with athletes at their skill level they would get crushed. They would have no idea what to do, because they never had a coach to teach them the fundamentals or strategies.

So be always willing to learn and grow at the thing you are trying attract into your life. If it is a nice house, find a mentor who has a nice house. If it is to be an entrepreneur find a mentor who is currently an entrepreneur. Whatever it may be find someone who has been there done that.

Take Action

When you have found your burning desire the action is really a secondary piece. The action will occur once you openly define what you really need to have.

Action is the piece that makes the dream a reality. Even with the law of attraction. Think of a magnet and a piece of metal. Although magnets are attracted to metal, it cannot stick to metal that is not there. You have to act on the magnet and move it towards the metal for it to attract. The same is true for your goals. Without the proper actions your dreams will never become realities.

Unshakable Faith

This is a very important piece to mindset to have. You have to know you are going to get where you are going. The road can get difficult at times, and it may cause you to doubt yourself. Just remember that you are putting all the necessary steps together though, and it is not a matter of if but when. It will happen for you. Keep learning, growing, developing, using that burning desire, and taking action. The steps are in place, so know that it is going to come together for you!

Perspective Adds Strength

Having the right perspective will make the road less bumpy, or at least it will be perceived as such. This step is not actually a necessity, but it is a bonus step to have. If you have the right perspective on things the process becomes a much easier one.

I like thinking about it like the days. On a sunny day you get the option to feel the sun, enjoy the trees, and the birds. During the nighttime you get beautiful stars, the moon, and a nice cool breeze, and on a cloudy day, you are given the rain, the breeze, and a nice rainbow.

Take control of your life and see the world the way you choose.

Make Your Reality

Follow these steps and you will get to what you are looking for. Now what you want and use your energy to get it. Be the person who said I go to my goals. I honestly say start with one, because once you get the first one, the other’s become even easier. Put in the effort to make your thoughts a reality.


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