This Is going to be the most important habit that you will develop! Make sure to read this whole article as this is where the magic the happens in developing this special habit.

Desire Scale

On a scale of one to 10 name something that you want at a 10. Take your time and really think about it. Visualize what it would be like experiencing the thing that you seek. Describe it for me to a level I can understand your passion of what it is you desire.

Be specific with your description of what you want. The more specific you are about it the better. Do you have it in your head? Can you feel it, see it and touch it? If you cannot keep focusing until you can. Do everything to see it as if you have already accomplished it.

Write down what you are a 10 on a piece of paper and number that you are a 10. You may have to repeat this step again depending on your answer on the next section.

Effort Scale

Next ask yourself the question on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the greatest amount of effort how much effort have you put into achieving your desire. If you are at a 5 ask yourself would you be willing to change your effort level to a 10 for their desire.

This is a crucial step and it is important to have an idea of what 10 effort is. Examples of ten effort is, are you reading up on getting your desire, have you set a date for the desire, are you constantly learning new ways to get closer to the desire, are you willing to surround yourself with those who will get you closer to your desire, are you willing to shake off failure knowing you will continue at 100% effort.

Ask yourself the toughest questions you can. This is an area I have clients mess up on pretty often because they do not ask the right questions. So take your time and think very deeply on this particular area.

If you have a desire at a 10 but you cannot make your effort a 10, find a different desire. You must find something that will give you a 10 in both desire and effort.

Keep a log

Now that you have found something that is a 10 on both desire and in effort, begin to go after it. Make sure to keep a long of as much of the journey as you can. Write down your good days and your bad days. Keep notes of your goal where it is consistently in front of you.

Make sure to write down what you have learned and applied on your journey. Every feeling, every emotion, how you are when you are alone, and how you are around others with your goal.

This may take sometime, especially if it is a very large desire that you are going after. There might even be blood, sweat, and tears, but I assure you this journey will be worth it.

Most Important Habit

Did you figure out what the most important habit is yet?

I will not keep you waiting any longer 🙂

It is good old-fashioned discipline. Putting it all in on the line. Giving 100% thought, 100% energy, to get 100% results.

Why do you have to write it all down? You learn what your message is when you do. You get to see every piece of yourself. The strong parts and the weak parts. It will all be there, so next time you build a new habit you will remember the steps. It is all part of the journey.

Think of it this way. I could type books upon books on how to ride a bike. After reading every book would you really have the secret to riding a bike? Absolutely not. Yes it is important to understand the mechanics but you also have to take action in those mechanics.

Nothing will ever beat discipline, but the only way to gain it is if you are going after something that is bigger than you. Something that you need to have no matter what. The need comes from the combined desire and effort. With a 10 in both you will see just how far you will really go to obtain what you want.

The habit is in the failures, in the growth, and in the journey.

Willing To Transform

There is something special in you, but just like anything else a journey must be taken to unleash it fully. Take your journey because when you do succeed there will be no habit that you cannot create. You will be in full alignment with who you are and realize that you can become whatever you really put your mind to.

This is a real strength, and the most important habit to have.

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Comments (10)

  1. Dhayours


    This is a must read for everyone. I will personally share this article to my friends and family so they can get restructured. You have educated me on the important habits to learn such as willing to transform. This article of yours is a source of inspiration to me. The last paragraph really inspired me and I’m grateful for that because it has set me rolling to achieve the goal I have set

    • Clifford Starks


      I am glad my article inspired you to take action dhayours. I look forward to hearing about the great things you do on your journey!

  2. Sarah Marie


    Wow! Amazing lesson! and I agree with you 100% Discipline is something I struggle with when it comes to certain things. In doing your exercise, I realized how difficult it was to make my desire and effort both equal 10! and that is such a real life thing that people experience. It is so easy to have a desire for something! but making the effort to get those results is never easy and of course, as you said, that is where discipline comes in. I have figured out in life that most of the time our desire for something is not as high as we may think because if it was, and this is just my opinion, the effort part of the equation wouldn’t be so hard. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing exercise and I plan to use it in the future for goal planning. thank you so much for your insight!

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you liked it Sarah, and I am happy to know you did the assignment as well. There is greatness in you, and I am curious to see how bright you shine!

  3. Austin Grady


    All I can say is WOW! I admit my outlook was a little jaded when I read the title of your article but all of that changed when I actually started writing things down. I discovered that what I thought was a “10” desire wasn’t really living for me like it was a 10. After describing what it would be like to actually have it, it is now an active inspiring level 10 desire. 

    Writing the part on effort forced me to face how mediocre and half-hearted I’ve been.  The power of this exercise surprised me. I’m embracing the disciplined habit. You have definitely made a difference in my day. Thank you for your good work. 

    Austin Grady

    P.S (I subscribed to your YouTube channel – I had to!)

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you took the assignment Austin. The more we live in truth the more power we realize that we have. I am excited for what you do in your journey! Also I appreciate you subscribing to my channel! Welcome to the community and hope you have a blessed day!

  4. Edwin Bernard


    When I first saw the page of your article you wanted comments on, the two books on the right caught my attention. The 4 Hour Work Week and How To Win Friends And Influence People. When I saw these I knew I was in for a treat reading your article. I wasn’t disappointed. 

    You got my attention by making me wonder what is the most important habit to learn. Before answering that question, you challenged us to think about what it is we desired most in life. Then you made us question what have we done to achieve that goal. I liked how you used the scale of 1 to 10. Brining up the importance of matching the levels of desire and action was great food for thought. If there was an imbalance you made us question the validity of that desire. The point you hit was it we really wanted something so bad, why are we not doing everything it takes to achieve it? Here is the brilliance that emerged. If we are not willing to make that effort, maybe we need to select a desire where we will do everything to achieve it. 

    Eventually you led us to the problem and dropped the solution. The problem? Lack of discipline. The solution? building that discipline. I watched the video you made and felt that was a crucial element in reading your article. I liked how you spoke. The pauses to make us think was perfect. The example you brought up of your son introduced a poignant personal element into your article. 

    When you finally unearthed the most important habit we need to have to succeed in reaching our goals, it was like a DUH moment. At that point it appeared so obvious. If it was, why was it necessary for you to lead us to that destination? I think to the vast majority of us it is NOT obvious. In my opinion, the only way to develop a habit is to do it over and over again so that it becomes ingrained in us and increases the probability to succeed exponentially. But it requires DISCIPLINE. And that is a habit unto itself. 

    Thank you for driving this habit home. I wish you much success in your journey to help others become more effective in achieving their goals. Way to go coach! 

    • Clifford Starks


      I appreciate your detailed response Edwin. My goal is to get people to start living the best life they possibly can, and with what you said truly makes my day.

      I hope you take the information given and do the necessary things in your life. I want you to one day look back at all of your accomplishments and say, yeah I did that!

      Make your story a great one friend, and please stay in touch. You get it so now you have no choice but to take action.

  5. Reply

    There is something special in you, but just like anything else a journey must be taken to unleash it fully. Take your journey because when you do succeed there will be no habit that you cannot create. That part touched me the most am short words all I have to say is thank Clifford thank God you here to educate us.

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