7 habits of successful people-inspired by the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I will put my take on the 7 habits of successful people and why each habit is so important to have. Be proactive I remember the first time wrestling actually became hard for me. I was a great wrestler in high school, and was a state champion my senior year. I felt I was just

How to win Friends and Influence people review

I will be going over some basics of the book and how this book can help you in your everyday life. People Justify The book starts off with a very interesting topic, and an important one to realize. It is a psychological trait that we all have as human beings, and understanding it makes it

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Now I love to speak about being self-aware a lot, because I think it is important for anyone looking to be successful in their personal life. One of the most important things to know and understand are your own personal strengths and weaknesses. It can often times be difficult to do because to be honest

Past, Present, and Future

Three extremely powerful words that can used to grow and achieve, or break you. Let’s learn how to use these three words to win! The power they can have It is pretty crazy if you think about the extreme power all three of these words can have on an individual. They really can elicit a

Why exercise is so important

I will be going over why exercise is important, and what you can do to start. Health Benefits When it comes to exercise there are a good deal of health benefits to it. When you do cardio, It is great for the cardiovascular system. Having a healthy cardiovascular system is good for the immune system