Many times people can look for some type of magic pill that is needed to obtain true success. Knowing if they just had this one thing or that one thing success would just come to them like a magnet.

You really cannot completely blame yourself for having these thoughts either, with the amount of marketing nowadays telling you what you are missing and how they will be the key to your success. Everyone and their mother screaming from the roof tops if you want to feel good get this, if you want to have a nice car get that, do this if you want to succeed.

I am going to tell you the most important aspect of success is your sheer determined ability to believe in yourself. When you look into the mirror strengths, weaknesses, and everything else know deep down inside that you have what it takes to be successful.

To be honest success is what we define it as anyway. One person’s success might not be another person’s success, and honestly that is the beauty of being different. Knowing that you are taking on your own personal journey.

I love to hear peoples stories about what they are going to do in life, and I will even ask them how are you going to do it, because deep down we know having the belief is just the beginning. That is why I titled this as the first step to success.

Without the belief you are like a car with no gas. No matter how hard you press the gas pedal there is no energy to fuel it, but when you have that belief the energy to go where you need to go all that is left is the action, and of course the map(plan) to how to get to where you are going to go.

So I ask you do you have what it takes to believe in yourself? I hope you do! I do know how life can sometimes beat us up though to the point self-doubt can creep in. Heck it has happened to me before. I will give you a secret if you ever feel that self-doubt coming in to help you get past it. Whenever I feel that way, I close my eyes and listen to my breath. I say to myself “I am still breathing and if I am still breathing that means I have a chance”.

In my mind that’s what I feel I need to believe in myself, I just need a chance, just a chance, because when I have that it propels me out of my slump and back into what I know I am meant to be. A person that has the utmost confidence in himself and thought that I can do anything if I really put my mind to it.

I am sure other people have different ways of getting back to that belief in themselves as well. I would love to hear in the comments what you do to get back to that place when you have been taking out of it.

To end I will say this. You are infinitely powerful to achieve what you want to achieve. Having the right team around you is great and will help to make process easier, but at the end of the day your success is held in your hands. Knowing this is extremely empowering if you allow it to be. So always believe in what you are, greatness within.

I hope you all are having a blessed day!


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  1. Chuck Roberts


    CommentI like that. “If I’m still breathing, I have a chance “. Thank you bro.

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