Being a keynote speaker and a transformation coach has truly been a blessing in my life. I have been given the honor and privilege to hear so many success stories. There are certain habits that need to be met to create a true success story, and I would like to share some of my experiences with you. I would also like to challenge you to go out and create your own success.

The True Power Of People

Being a transformation coach for over 16 years, I have seen the power of the human spirit, and it is usually much stronger than people give it credit for. You can literally get through anything that is thrown your way. With the right strategy and support system a person can achieve some of the greatest feats, and fly higher than they every believed possible.

It does not matter where you start in life. You can get to and have the things that you and desire. The coolest thing about all of this is the people that I have worked with have gone much further than they ever thought possible. I would like to share why this is and if you have not started your own path I challenge you to do the same.

The Power To Empathize

When it comes to being a coach and a speaker, I want those I work with to feel safe and comfortable with me. Just telling them I care and what to do the best is not enough. It truly is important to really understand the clients you work with.

All the clients I have worked with become my friends. Some might say that is not professional, but how can you truly help someone if you cannot consider them a friend. I know friendship takes things to a deeper level. Yes you still have your boundaries, but give 100% energy into those you work with. That’s where the results are, I want to understand you, and listen to your story, and give my best to make the next chapter in your life the best one you have written.

That alone gets those I work with to open up fully to me and trust me. I even go as far as thinking of ways I can help outside of the sessions we have. It’s what I love to do, every time I hear a new success story it is all worth it. Putting 100% in people make them want to put 100% into me. It is the most powerful exchange that you can get.

Think about someone you really love. How far would you go for them? I would imagine you would do everything in your power to give them your very best! That is how I want my clients to be with me. I want them to give their very best, but it all starts with them knowing that I truly care, and want the best for them and their success.

I have heard their deepest darkest secrets and I respect the fact that they would be willing to share that with me. It is about being a judgment free zone and it is about getting them to the promised land. Teaching them how to build the necessary habits to get to the success I always knew they were capable of. It’s what truly makes me happy.

The Test We Take

Anything worth doing in life is going to come with some challenges, and what I speak on and coach people on is no different. There are tests that I put my clients through. This test are both mentally and physically taxing. I remind those I work with not to worry though. You can only fail if you give up, and I will love you regardless of the outcome.

That love for others is truly a powerful thing. Letting them know they are going to be loved really puts them in a frame of mine to do their best. That’s all I ever ask, just do your best. The worst that can happen is you are a little better than the last time. Have no regrets and give it everything you got!

If you have a challenge that makes you nervous use your nervousness as energy. Let it strengthen you. The most exciting feeling is passing the most difficult challenges put in front of us!

Imagine having someone remind you what the test is for, the better you is on the other side of the test we take. That is the importance behind it. Not to feel bad if it didn’t go the way you wanted, but to rejoice, learn, grow, and do it again.

Pick The Right Team

I titled this “Speak To The Heart” because you need those in your life who will speak to yours. With the right words and the right actions you can achieve the greatest of heights. The reverse is also true with the wrong words and wrong actions you can end up not living up to even half of your potential. Please make sure to live the best life you can, without regret. Pick those on your team wisely.

They say you become the 5 people that you surround yourself with. That’s why I make sure to surround myself with those who will push me to be my best. I also make sure to do that with my clients as well. I want them to give me their very best. Remember there is greatness in you!

If you have anything to share please do. I would love to hear your success story. Also, if you would like to reach out to me you can contact me at I would love to be a part of your success as well. Have a blessed day!

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  1. Ola


    This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. The best thing is to surround yourself with positive minded set of people, I think it goes a very long way. This will even enable you to speak positivity into your heart. Thanks for this eye opener article. Its a must for everyone to read.

    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you Ola, I am glad you enjoyed it! I hope that you have a blessed day!

  2. ajibola40


    Thanks for writing this article on speak to the heart. I must commend you for the job well done for so long and thanks for sharing your experience in this article .i really find this article helpful especially the aspect of pick the right team and I know many will find it helpful in there journey through lif

    • Clifford Starks


      I am glad you enjoyed it, and that you resonated with picking the right team. I hope you have a blessed day!

  3. Peace


    Hi Clifford. 

    Motivational speaking has become a kind of a trend, lately. And it’s because, people are looking for someone to push them out of their comfort zones into their success zones. 

    I am one that need motivation alot, because I tend to make too much excuses for my failures, and I also tend to give up too easily. 

    I really want to learn how to go through with my dreams, through thick and thin and not to be prone to throw in the towel at the slightest provocation. 

    • Clifford Starks


      I wish you the best of luck in your journey Peace. You can do it, it all starts with a thought and then an action. If you would like to reach out to see if I can help guide you, you can email me at

  4. Rgpratap


    Hey Clifford!

    The word ‘transformation-coach’ is just new to me. But your suggestions are undoubtedly valuable. Thank you sincerely for reminding. Yes, human’s will power is simply unique. It is also very important to hear and take lessons from the stories of successful people. And love must be needed in every sector. Many thanks for your excellent article. Hope to write more educative writing in the near future.


    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you Rgpratap, I am glad you liked the article! I do my best to educate and love others to take life changing action. I hope you have a blessed day!

  5. Fortune


    Man you did a great job sharing this article. It is really motivating. I agree with you completely on “Speaking to the heart”. Truly we need the right people in our life. People that will inspire our dreams and push us to achieve our goals. When engage in bad company it will be difficult to achieve our desired goals. I am really inspired. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • Clifford Starks


      I am glad you feel inspired Fortune. I hope you make today a great one and do all the things necessary to propel your life in the direction you want. Have a  blessed day!

  6. Reply

    That’s a wonderful write up we all needs to be reading posts like this, we really needs to listen and communicate with our heart to make things up in this life we living thanks Clifford

  7. Reply

    The article is totally top notch you said it all I also add this….,Before you talk: Ground yourself in good intentions, whatever they may be. Get a basic sense of what you want to say. Be confident. Take a breath and settle into your body.

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