So this is the second time that I have attempted doing a rowing machine, and let me tell you it is one hell of a workout. I will have a video at the end of this blog showing me and my teammates straining. So you will get to enjoy that. I ended up doing the power hour with a team. Which basically what it sounds like. We did the men/women team and we alternated every 2 minutes for an hour straight.

Gotta say the best part about it is you are getting a total mind and body workout. You have to have the mindset to keep moving and driving. It starts out pretty easy, especially once you get a rhythm, but after the first couple of rotations everything begins to burn and you get to see what you are made of for that day. What a rush having your teammates cheer you on, while you give it your all. After a while it even becomes difficult to switch between teammates.

Then there is the physical portion. The first 15 to 30 seconds isn’t horrible, but once you get past that then you get to see will you keep going. The Toughest part is if you are naturally competitive it really gets you going. You see the machine tells you if you are working or not. You cannot cheat the machine, the numbers will show you if you are really doing something or not.

I love the challenge, and always do my best to stay in shape always. I feel how can I tell you to do your best every day, if I am not willing to do my best. So these are the moments I live for. Getting a challenge that test your will, fortitude, and your physical conditioning.

The best part is we ended up winning against 4 other teams by over 3 miles. Not bad for my second time doing this. I really can’t wait for the next time to do it. I did not know you could have so much fun on this thing haha.

If you have never done a rowing machine, I suggest you give it a try. Make sure you get the ok from a health specialist though, because this is naturally strenuous and it is always better to stay safe than sorry. If you have ever done the rowing machine, let me know how your experience was. I would love to hear from you.


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