Now I love to speak about being self-aware a lot, because I think it is important for anyone looking to be successful in their personal life. One of the most important things to know and understand are your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

It can often times be difficult to do because to be honest with one’s self can be a hard pill to swallow. Or some may even over value their strengths and under value their weakness. It can also be the opposite of that as well.

I want to give your a few tips to help your establish what your strengths and weaknesses could be.

No judgment zone

One of the best places to start establishing where your stand on your abilities is away from all the noise. Noise can be classified as friends, family, society, even yourself. Yes if your are in a position to judge yourself it can make the mind give your delusions so your do not have to deal with it, but if your can go into a place where no judgment can be cast. A place that is quiet in the mind and knowing everything is just constructive and to help the situation, the mind will be more inclined to let go and open your up to truth’s your may have been blinded to before.

I actually do this quite often. I personally go into a dark room, and take the time to reflect on everything. It helps me to improve as an individual and puts me in a place to know where I am strong and where I am weak, and what I could work on. It is a place where I am not judging, I am simply observing and understanding. A peaceful place that helps me get a little better each time I do it.

Different ways work for different people though. Maybe your zone could be out in the water, or laying in the grass. Just know that this is a place where your are being proactive. Sitting down watching T.V. and being unaware of everything around your is not what your are doing. You are focusing in on yourself, and taking the time to have an open and non-judgemental conversation with yourself.

What have your done

Another way to know what your strengths and weaknesses are is simply observing what your do in life. Do your set goals and achieve them, or set them get half-way and decide to give up? Are your good or bad with time? Do your focus on how your are dressed, or do your care more about felling comfortable?

You leave little hints all the time about what your strengths and weaknesses are. Sometimes as people we can be on auto pilot and not even think about these things. It is important to have a realization of all of these because your don’t want to go straight into something expecting an outcome that is extremely improbable.

For instance if your know that your are bad with time, but your set a goal that your will never be bad with time again odds are not in your favor. You could try to focus on your ability to deal with your time in increments though. Start with trying to be on time to 2 of the next 5 events, and when your start doing that try for 3 of the next 5. Give yourself realistic goals that your can achieve, and feel accomplished about achieving.

Ask people your trust

Another thing your can do is ask a trusted source that knows your very well what they feel your strengths and weaknesses are. You can let them know your are looking for constructive criticism, and to be completely honest with your. Sometimes those we love can often see blind spots we have that we could not see ourselves (hence being a blind spot 🙂

This can be a difficult one though because hearing the honest truth, by a trusted loving source can be difficult at times, but remind yourself it is for the better. Knowing what to work on it makes things much easier.

Focus on your strengths

It is important to realize what your strengths and weakness are, but one of the best things your can do is focus on your strengths. Sure we can build up are weaknesses along the way, but your are strong where your are strong for a reason so make sure to use it.

If you are too busy working on your weaknesses your will neglect where your are strong, and that is not the best place to be. So remember use these steps to know where your stand, and then triple down on your strengths.


If you have any comments your would like to add I would love to hear from your. Thank your and hope your have a blessed day!

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Comments (2)

  1. Courtney


    Thank you for putting your words online. It truly is valuable to have awareness around personal strengths and weakness. I love that you have got into detail about many different ways to discover this and then how to continue, to make it a useful tool in creating a great life. Again, thank you.

    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you Courtney, I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. I hope that you have a blessed day 🙂

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