Three extremely powerful words that can used to grow and achieve, or break you. Let’s learn how to use these three words to win!

The power they can have

It is pretty crazy if you think about the extreme power all three of these words can have on an individual. They really can elicit a lot of emotion out of a person. For instance the past. If you have a great memory chasing the ice cream truck driver down to get your favorite ice cream how happy do you feel thinking about that memory? The joy you would get and the childlike innocents just enjoying being a kid. What a great way to reminisce.

On the reverse side of things you could have a moment that reminds you of a bad childhood moment, and create almost a panicked fearful state. Or if you were to remember those moments and wish things were like that again almost despising your current life, that can create anxiety and anger.

As for the present and individual who is optimistic and happy in the moment, Enjoying every moment as it comes. Just being in it all, that to me would be the definition of using the present as joyous and happy. On the reverse though what if you are extremely ill, or just hurt your back very badly. Living in that present moment may not be as joyous.

The future has its interest as well. Some can see a blissful future seeing great things coming together in their life, and truly feeling that future. Sounds like a pretty happy future to me. On the reverse a person can live in fear thinking of all the possible negative things that could happen in their future as well. Worrying about something that has not even happened yet.

Take control

Now that I have you thinking about the power the past, present, and future can have, realize that you can take control of these three and use them to strengthen yourself. Now I know everyone’s path is going to be different. No two people are alike really. Some may use these three quite easily, and other’s may need a lot of practice to put it all together; but just like a muscle you can strengthen you ability to use the past, present, and future to your advantage.

If it is difficult for you, just start with one positive thought in each area. Think of one of your favorite childhood memories not with envy, but with joy and love. Now go into the present what are you grateful for? It could be something as simple as I am here breathing living in the moment. Now jump to your future, see a bright one. Feel the faith the knowing that everything is going to work itself out. Really feel it be an optimist!

Have you ever heard the saying live in the present? It is a great saying and one I absolutely agree with. So why would you want me to live in my Past and my Future you might ask. Well just like I said practice to be in all three places because you never know what life will throw at you.

Imagine you are injured severely or extremely ill. Sometimes you might need a little break from the present moment you are in. You could go to a past event a just enjoy the moment for a while, it could actually help give you hope and give your body and mind a break from the stress. You could even go into the future seeing yourself recovering fully, or even accepting the situation and planning accordingly to the changes you may have to make.

What ever the situation maybe do your best to take control of it. It is true that we can only act of the present moment, but we can learn and enjoy the past. We can plan and be optimistic of the future. All three really can go hand in hand.

Now I am going to go over how you can use the past, present, and future to obtain your goals.

See the finished product (Future)

This is were the true power of the future comes into play. Have you ever done something others did not believe you could do? Did you see it as if you were already there? That place where it is so ingrained in your mind that it is not a matter of if but when. That is the type of optimism I am speaking of when I speak of the future. You just know it, you feel it, you see it, it is going to happen, and it really does not matter what anybody else says.

See the plan as if it is already there. You may have to detour but you know what the finished product looks like. That is how powerful the future can really be.

Learn (Past)

The past a place to reminisce, but also a place to learn. Imagine how different the world became to you from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20. All the learning and processing of life. I do a lot of self reflection myself, because there is just so much to go by. At 37, I have seen a lot and have learned a lot, and I plan on that process continuing. The truth is learning can be hard sometimes, but you really cannot learn without having past event to learn from.

Take every past moment as a moment to develop and grow, constantly maturing and growing through the process that we all call life.

Act (Present)

Now where would we be without the ability to act? No where really. You can learn all you want, and have all the faith in the world, but without action nothing happens. Since you have a plan and you are consistently learning to take the action necessary for it to come to fruition. Make it real, not a dream that you just see.

Tie the three together

When you are obtaining your greatness you have to use the three together. At least most of the time. It is about bringing the positive energy of all three together and becoming a force so unstoppable that you can already feel it. Learn, Act, See the finished product. Be the greatest version of you!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and please comment below I would love to know your thoughts.





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Comments (4)

  1. Peter


    Yes, I think that this way of thinking is helpful. I am naturally a future-oriented person, my fond memories of the ice cream truck are there, but aren’t all that fond now.

    But absolutely we can and should learn from our past. Especially our past mistakes. And our future should guild our current action.

    The problem with living in the here and now is that is can become simply living for the moment, But that removes our desire to work hard now to ensure a better future.

    • Clifford Starks


      Yes very true Peter. If an individual is living strictly in the present moment it can definitely take the burning desire away to do something worth wild. People striving for greatness see a master piece before it is there, and then strive to create it. Thank you for the comment. 

  2. Jaime


    Another problem I see in dwelling on the past – even on the joyful, childhood moments – is that people can get stuck in where they used to be or who they used to be, and they forget to live and create their future in the present. I agree that thinking of these memories with joy and not envy is so, so key.

    While I do look to a bright future, and love setting goals and using vision boards, I definitely feel that being in the present is the most successful way to live only in that it’s the best way to be grateful for what you have and truly be happy.

    If we’re always looking in the past or future, the things we could enjoy in the present slip right by.

    • Clifford Starks


      Yes I agree with that. The only time I would say to get out of the present is during the beginnings of a very traumatic event. I think looking towards the future during a horrible illness or an accident can help an individual to cope a little easier with the present they are in at the moment.

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