The mind is truly an impressive piece of work. Just like a muscle the mind grows when worked. So for your exercise today, find opportunities in the obstacles that you are presented with. At first, it may be quite difficult to find them, but like anything else with practice it will become easier.

The truth is life will sometimes give us obstacles that we may not have expected. Life has a funny way of doing challenging us that way, but what we have is are ability to get stronger during these times. When life throws something difficult my way, I just say thank you for the opportunity.

Think about it this way, movies are made out of those who took difficult situations and overcame them. Each struggle is a moment to have success within. Look directly at the tough times and stand up to them. Even if you do not have a way yet don’t give up. Find strength in knowing that you are creative enough to find a way to get through it. Some way somehow.

Have a belief in yourself, and start with an “I can” thinking. Until it eventually becomes an “I will”.

I remember one of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome. It was the fear of death. Knowing that someday it would all end and not knowing what was on the other side of it. I realized that all that fear was keeping me from truly living though. I was letting my own life pass me by living in a world of fear.

So one day I decided I was going to stop that. I was going to live my life to the fullest, and make it the best damn life that I could.

So I ask you to do the same. Go all out and find the opportunities in the obstacles presented to you!

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    Thank you, Clifford, for the reminder. I know it is not easy to turn your obstacles into your friend. Every day we have a chance to see how people accept their challenges like enemies. They often lose control, or they have to overcome an obstacle, but suffer mentally. Only when you accept it as an opportunity to grow, your obstacle turns into your friend. I found “watching” technique very helpful and practice it everywhere when I face some tough life situation. I short, I separate myself from my mind and watch what I’m saying, what kind of actions I’m taking and so on. It helps me to keep the situation under the control and avoid regrets afterward.

    Have a great day


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