Realizing they all work together

When you think of the Mind, the body, and the spirit, what do you think of? My personal belief is the body is the physical tool that we use to move and act with. The mind is the thinking component were basic intellect and thought takes place. As for the spirit I believe that is the heart and soul of a person. It is that thing you feel when you love something at a deep and passionate level.

When you think about them you can tell they all have different definitions to them, but the truth is they all work hand in hand more than some may realize.

Think of a moment when you were deeply intoxicated, very sick, or even over medicated. How did you feel? Most likely you physically felt drained and worn out. Your mind probably was not as sharp, and you spirit just did not have the drive to do what you love at the moment. You probably even wasted a day laying in bed.

Now flip it think of a time you had a great workout. Most would say working out is in the physical arena, but think back to the workouts that really made you feel good all around. You probably physically felt amazing afterwards. Your mental clarity was most likely on point, and your spirit was burning brighter than ever, ready to take on any challenge in your way.

You see when you realize that these three areas are more closely linked than you originally thought, It will make you more inclined to treat all these areas in your life correctly.

When you are a person who is more into the mind aspect learning as much as you can. Taking the time to exercise from time to time would do you some good. What about the athlete who needs to be on time for every workout. Taking the time to step back and meditate, or even read a good book would be beneficial.

Now that you can see just how crucial it can be to have proper balance, the question is what exactly do you balance?

Healthy Habits

Making healthy habits is one of the best ways you can achieve true enhancement mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some of these habits may be extremely difficult for you to do at first. When that is the case you can start off slow. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Some of these habits just might not be your cup of tea, and that’s ok. Just make sure that you are honest with yourself and work on the areas you need to, so you can find your peace. There are honestly so many healthy habits you can practice that I would be seating here writing forever if I tried to name them all. So see which work best for you. I am just going to go over a few basic habits just so that they are implanted in your head.

Clean Eating

I will tell you one of the best feelings I get is when I make sure to mind what I put into my body. I have clarity, feel stronger, and younger when I am taking in the proper nutrition.

  • Limit sugars
  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit red meats
  • Limit fried foods
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables
  • Eat foods with enzymes in it (fermented foods have a lot of enzymes)
  • Eat moderate amounts of healthy fats (unless you decide to do keto I will touch on this on another article)
  • Try not to Combine your Carb especially high glycemic ones with your Fats

I am not sure where you are on you healthy eating life style, but if you are not following any of the above listed things: I would suggest starting with at least one. You do not want to juggle to many things at once. Remember you are not forced to do any of this, it is a choice. I have noticed if it feels force you have almost already set yourself up for failure, because you want to do it even more. Now if it is your choice it to make yourself a healthier individual that is empowering. Say it loud and proud I chose this!


Oh wow I have to tell you this is one of the most empowering practices you can do. Taking the time to sit and focus within is great for self-awarness, self-control, and it clears the mind. It is almost like having your own personal reset button. There are many forms of meditation so you can find the one that works best for you. What I do to meditate is I lay down with my eyes closed and I start to focus in on my breathing, and I let my thoughts drift away. I am silent, I am at peace, and I am alive. The Greatest feeling ever!


We already talked about exercise. Nothing better than accomplishing a great workout to get ready for the day. You don’t have to go crazy either. Just enough to let the body say “yep I’m alive” because like I said when the body is alive, the mind and spirit are also alive. So take care of yourself 🙂

Find Support on your journey

Another health habit I suggest is surrounding yourself with those who believe in you. When you have people who believe in you they will love you up, and give you advice when they have it to give. They are not yes men or women, they are going to tell you when you are doing your best and cheer you on when you do, and when you fail at something they are going to be there for you to help you back up. They will not enable you, and sometimes the lessons they will help you with might not be your favorite, but when it is all said and done you will appreciate one another.

Smell the Roses or what ever works for you

Sometimes life just beats the crap out of you. Those days when you are just mad at everything and nothing is going your way. I will tell you this, simplify it. Take a step back and smell the roses. Appreciate the fact that you are still breathing. That small gesture can mean the difference between getting out of your hole, or shutting down completely.


I wish you the very best of luck in your journey. I am so pleased to hear peoples stories about bettering themselves, and finding strength they didn’t know they had. So please feel free to share a bit of your story in the comment section. Are there any new habits you implemented to improve your life? Did you take any of the steps I suggested improving mentally, physically, and spiritually? I hope you did, and I hope they helped you out. There is greatness in you. It’s is up to you to bring it out.

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Comments (2)

  1. Danny


    Hey, thanks for this interesting read! I study philosophy, and there is huge debate about the connection between the mind and body, and I think you make a very interesting point about the body being the tool and the mind the intellect. Some people in philosophy believe the mind and body to be separate substances, whereas other disagree? Do you think the mind and body are separate substances or can they be two different functions of the same substance?

    • Clifford Starks


      Hello Danny, it is great to hear you study philosophy. The question you ask is a very interesting one. I believe they are both. Being separate substances and two functions of the same substances. I will explain the best I can through text.

      As a person we have a physical body a mind with thought, and the spirit that makes you the individual a person knows. So a person as an example I will say Rick. Whenever Rick is affected physically, or mentally, it will affect the whole system of Rick either negatively or positively, but when Rick passes away it is no longer Rick. He has gone back to the spiritual energy that is us.

      So to Rick it is all the same substance, but rick is more than just the sum of his parts. Similar to a television picking up a signal. The T.V. is the physical and the radio waves are the spirit. I hope that makes sense. It is easier to speak about this then to type it out. It is a complicated subject to explain through text.

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