We have all been there, that nervous feeling that come over you and puts you in a state of panic. Everyone has their own way of feeling their own nervousness, from a pit in the stomach, to their heart racing, and even sometimes becoming sweaty.

It can be a daunting feeling, especially if just thinking about it makes you even more nervous. So what do you do to overcome it, and take yourself to the next level of your success?

I am going to give you a few strategies to help you through those nervous feelings that may be holding you back from being your best self.

Take A Breath

Sometimes it really is as simple as taking a moment to breath, and do your best to focus directly on your breath. Focusing on that helps you to get past the state of nervousness, and it will even help you to take deeper breaths as people who are nervous tend to have shallow breathing as well.

So make sure to take a moment and breath deep.

Talk With Yourself

Have you ever been extremely nervous and just having the right persons company all of a sudden calmed you down? We don’t always have that special person with us during times of extreme nervousness, but the good thing about that is you can be that person.

Learn to be your own best friend, speak with yourself, and remind yourself that everything is going to be good.


The cool thing about being human is we have all sorts of habits we can create. We can create bad ones, but we can also create good ones as well. If every time you touch your hand you think about a pleasant moment you hand, practice creating a habit of that. When you are feeling very nervous you can now touch your hand to reset you if you have to.

Know State You’re In

Remember nervousness does not define who you are. It is just moments like anything else. You can learn from the nervousness that you are having. Putting yourself in a strong state of awareness, and learning the best ways to deal with it. Nervousness can also be a very good thing if you allow it to be. It is the body’s way of keeping you alert and aware, and if you are in a place of feeling abundant it will not lock you down, it will empower to stay ultra aware to the situation you are going into.

Keep Being Great

Their is greatness in you, and you know how you feel when you are living in it. My challenge to you is to live in it as much as possible. Create the life that you deserve to live, and go out and do great things! Have a great day!

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Comments (11)

  1. Riaz Shah


    What a timely post Clifford,

    I have a huge presentation coming up and somehow I’m having butterflies, maybe because it’s a big opportunity for me and I wouldn’t want to mess it up. I know I can nail it but with these nervousness kicking in, I’m scared that I might stutter and lose my confidence. 

    My friends asked me to talk to myself in the mirror until I get used to it that everything comes naturally but I don’t know feels weird, until you mentioned it! Think about giving it a try, any tips on how often I should at least practice in the mirror before the big day?

    • Clifford Starks


      Hi Riaz, best of luck to you on your presentation. Practice until it starts to feel comfortable. Also it’s important to remember when speaking you are there for them to educate and give them a great presentation. The audience wants to see you succeed, so be confident in knowing that and give them everything you’ve got! I am sure you will do great!

  2. Fiona


    I like the youtube video included in your blog.  It makes it more engaging. 

    In this topic, I suggest giving some personal life experience. It would be more convincing.  Also, you may include examplees of your friends, your families as well. Apart from writing about the strategies.  You may include the reasons for being nervous. 

    You can include 1 or 2 pictures in the text.  To illustrate different strategies to overcome nervousness.

    • Clifford Starks


      The last time I remember being really nervous was fighting on the big stage. I wanted this video to be relatable to those going through every day nervousness. I appreciate the feedback:)

  3. Brian


    Hi Clifford, 

    These tips are great. The first step is critical. I actually learned this technique in one of my college psychology course. If you control your breathing, it’s amazing the results you get. I think you’re right about nervousness being a good thing because it keeps you alert. Your fight analogy was perfect. If you learn to control nervousness, it can be a great asset. 


    • Clifford Starks


      Awesome to hear you took a psychology course on it! Appreciate your feedback Brian! 🙂

  4. Elaine Nicol


    Beautiful message, it really helped me. I struggle a lot with being nervous at times but your suggestion of needing to face that nervousness to attack it rather than run from it was very encouraging. Thank you. I don’t always run from nervousness and I have already learned to remind myself that things will turn out okay. Sometimes when my nerves get too bad I release by crying or getting argumentative… neither is good, maybe in moderate amounts and at the right times… but whatever. I’m my own best friend and I am who I am, I accept myself. I try to improve of course but I can always forgive myself when I get out of line, even if others can’t. They aren’t the ones who have to live with me everyday. Next challenge! Great message. Thanks.

    • Clifford Starks


      So true Elaine, it sounds like you are very self aware and doing the necessary things to always strive to be your best. Well done!

  5. Reply

    That’s great I enjoyed reading your articles you a very good points there, also know that People who live inside their comfort zone and continue to do the same work feel comfortable. They don’t feel nervous. If you’re feeling nervous, remind yourself it’s most likely because you’re pushing your career forward.

  6. Reply

    This was a great reminder that nervousness is not a bad thing on it’s own, but something we can learn from and control our responses towards. I love when you said, “(nervousness) will empower to stay ultra aware to the situation you are going into”. Too often, we cower away from uncomfortable situations, but being nervous means our body is awake, alert, and ready to tackle this situation. –Ryan

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