Your Higher Self

I know often times we can get lost in are pursuit of the greatness that we are looking for. It can become quite easy to get lost now with more information coming are way more than ever. Some become depressed, anxious, and unsure of their own reality.

Finding your higher self can be one of the most enlightening and exciting experiences to have, but the question is often asked what is your higher self, and how do you find it?

I think the answer is simpler than a good deal of might think. Let’s dive into the subject and get you to move in the direction you know in your heart you should be moving in.

When you are looking to find your higher self it really comes down to being put into the perfect internal and external scenario. This will all make more sense as I cover the two very important aspects.


One thing people can have trouble with is being happy in their own life. Happiness really stems from an internal place. Try smiling or even thinking of a time when you were happy. If you are happy right now I am glad you are you keep it up.

This is what happiness is something that we are capable of conjuring up with our own free will. This is not to say that during tough or sad times it is more difficult to be happy. It most certainly is, but you can still choose it and the more you practice being happy the faster you will get back to it when difficult times come around.

This is absolutely a crucial component when it comes to being your higher self. A happy person is open and in a place where they can think clearer and make more rational decisions for them self and others around them.

The most important thing one can control is their mood. If you have ever gotten in an argument with somebody thinks about how much easier things were when heads were cool and in a happy state of mind. You probably found it easier to come up with solutions to make both parties happy. That is the power that happiness holds. So do your best to be aware of this power that you can tailor and practice it whenever possible. You will be glad that you did.


Each person has different thoughts as to what success means to them, and what success they would like to achieve in life. Some may want to make a certain amount of money, while another person might want to prepare for a competition to win. No matter what your idea of success is deep down inside everyone wants it.

Even for those who claim they do not want it may have failed at achieving it or believed it was going to give them something that it could not possibly give one its own. Success is something external. Specific goals you are attempting to achieve. It is important to keep these goals difficult enough because obtaining a difficult goal is rewarding for you. It is true if the goal is difficult enough you will stumble and make mistakes, but remember you have only failed if you have given up. Also, a failure does not mean you are done. You may have to change your goals, if you have given it 100% and things just didn’t work out. That is ok, be a person that takes action. It really is the best way to learn and grow.

Have you ever accomplished something worth wild, and if you did how did you feel?

Happiness and Success

This is where things get really fun. Happiness is internal as I mentioned before, and success is external. You want to have both to have true excitement in your life. Your higher self lies in the happiness and pursuit and obtaining of difficult successes. It will absolutely ignite the soul.

I have had many clients go through this process, and have had amazing results with it. Bring both the internal and the external in alignment.

It’s often times funny to me when I hear that all you need is to be happy in life. The truth is you could be happy sitting at home watching Netflix, and that day will come when you ask yourself. What have I really done with my life? You cannot possibly get excited doing the same thing over and over in life, with no challenges to pursue.

The same is true with just success. You can reach all your goals and not be happy. Just bitter and angry with no rhyme or reason. Pursuing success and conquering them, yet not feeling fulfilled.

The real key is when you put the two together. A happy person ready to take one real challenges, that will test you to see just how far you can really take it. Going all in one those obstacles beating them and saying to yourself, yes I did it! Feeling alive!

Higher Self is Forever

One important thing to remember is that higher self you are looking for is something that you are always doing. Once you have happily obtained a success, enjoy the moment and then seek out for the next one. Just like your healthy you are never just done.

The best part about it though is when you get really good at the process, you have created habits of the thrill of healthy excitement. Knowing you are a person that takes action and goes all in one themselves. It really is the ultimate investment of self.

So strive for great things in life and do it with a smile one your face. Your time is now. Show the world what your higher self can do. Take one tough challenges and once you have conquered those go big and take one a tougher one! It is your story so make it a great one!

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Comments (8)

  1. Salim



    this is a very wonderful way to start the morning, this was quite inspiring and encouraging. Self discovery as we may call it requires some actions and accomplishment from every individual. You have provided us great tips and how to go about it. Dealing with inferiority complex is another way of getting one’s higher self because inferiority complex kills potential and helps reduce self discovery.

    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you Salim, I am glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you overcoming inferiority is a very important lesson as well.

  2. francis


    Hello Clifford,This is an awesome informative article.  I totally agree with you on finding your higher self on the points: happiness and success.  If you are truly happy then you have to be excited along the process.  I’m very happy that you have to work hard in order to achieve your goal.  Go for the big and tougher things by taking action.Thanks for the helpful information and you made it more clear with a video explaining it.

    • Clifford Starks


      Thanks Francis, I am glad you enjoyed it and the video as well. Hope you have a blessed day, and make it a great one!

  3. Seun Afotanju


    Thanks for this amazing article, before now i initially have difficulties in identifying my higher self  this article has provided a method to help me align with your Higher Self through the wisdom of the body and to recognize this connection when one achieves it. Thanks once again for this wonderful post. 

    • Clifford Starks


      Glad you liked it Seun! I am excited to hear about what you will accomplish in your life!

  4. Jay


    One of the best things a person can do for his or herself is the challenge to achieve something greater. Not a lot of people can set a goal and actually stick to it but those that do find out just how important it is to challenge ones-self to achieve something bigger. 

    That is one way to find your higher self as you would achieve something you had no idea you could actually achieve. A lot of people dream about this but not a lot are able to actually achieve it. I find it to be a true test of ones-self and it would reveal the type of person you really are which is if you are a fighter or a quitter when things get tough.

    • Clifford Starks


      Yes Jay it is so true to see where a person stands when tough times come. I remember to tell others that even if they have quit before they can continue to get better and learn from their failures. There is a fighter in everyone, but it takes work to get it out.

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