Finding internal happiness could be the key to getting what you need in life. Although to get there takes practice, the more you do it the easier life will become for you. This is some law of attraction type stuff, so get ready to be mind blown 🙂

The External World

We live in a world where we are constantly put into a place where the external world has extremely large influence on us. When you think about it how many things can you think of that influence you externally.

The list is rather large. Just to name a few, your email notifications, the loading screen on your computer, people speaking badly about you, people telling you what you should do in life. These are all external influences, and we can give them power to dictate how we will respond to a situation almost too often.

When is the last time your loading screen looked like it was not moving, and it made you freak out or try to restart it? Only to realize that it was working the entire time. Much say patience is a virtue. I do agree with that, but internal patience is a skill set that anybody can use.

Be The Change

Have you ever heard the saying “be the change you want to see in the world”. It was said by Gandhi. A very empowering saying indeed. If you want to see changes in other’s change yourself first.

In order to change yourself, first self-awareness must take place. Look at what happens to people when you are in a great mood. Everyone probably smiles back at you. It almost seems like everyone is just friendlier as well.

Yet if you are in a crappy mood. You can almost feel how people may be more stand-offish toward you. Things will probably irritate you more, and your temper may be short.

Knowing just how much power you emotions can have on both yourself and others would make one think, having control over something so powerful would be rather important.

Define Happiness

When learning what to practice, you have to first define what you are practicing. What does happiness mean to you? Close your eyes and think to yourself. Where do you feel happiest. What makes you really smile from ear to ear. You can even ask what makes you really laugh to the point you are almost crying.

When finding happiness within it is important to know these things. These will be necessary triggers to help you on your goal to finding happiness from within.


Meditation is an extremely powerful art it terms of finding your balance. There are several forms of mediation, but the most important thing to realize is meditation is being in the moment.

Going inwardly to a place within you. It is a place where nothing is happening yet everything is happening all at the same time. You will have clarity and focus.

The best way to describe meditation is to close your eyes and think about absolutely nothing. You are in a state of just being. I will say if this is the first time doing this it is usually extremely difficult for a beginner. When you are used to thinking about something all the time it is tough to just turn everything off and put yourself into a zone of moment. A place where you are there, yet you are not.

If it is tough try to focus on your breathing first, and then go away from it and try to just be in the moment. Start with attempting to do it for just 1 minute at first, and then steadily increase it each week. Until you are in a place were you can do it for 30 minutes or longer.

Meditation can really be a blog on its own. I will save the details of it for another blog.

Combine Meditation And Your Happy Place

This is where things get interesting. How often do you hear that you get to dictate how you feel about a situation? Now how many people do you know who can keep there, cool under heated circumstances. My guess would be you may not know many who are capable of doing such things.

We are emotionally built and it can be tough to not have a moment get the better of you, but if you practiced it you would improve. The more you practice it the stronger you will get.

This is how it works. Someone says something mean to you and instead of reacting to the situation you go into your meditative state. This will take you to a place where you can reset and get a hold of the situation. From there you find your personal happy place. Which will instantly put a smile on your face.

This at times can diffuse a situation, and actually put the person who offended you in a better mode. Honestly that person could be saying hurtful things for whatever reason, and your ability to take it and reflect it just made it a win-win for both parties.

I will say that this is not an easy technique to perfect. It takes a lot of practice to get there. Just like I said we are emotionally built, and that means you too. This is a technique that can be used to move you into a situation of not only empowering yourself, but empowering other’s as well.

The best part about this technique is you will take things on internally instead of externally. Giving yourself the power and ability to handle situations that may not have been planned.

Why This Is A Secret

To be honest there are many secrets that I will be sharing with you throughout this blogging journey, but what makes internal happiness one of the secrets?

It really is in plain sight. When do you do your best work? A happy person is an efficient person. Having a can do attitude will lead you into the direction to do what is necessary to get where you want to in life. There are so many twists and turns, ups and downs, in life it really can be difficult to comprehend what the best direction to take can be.

One thing is certain though a happy person has a much better chance of doing what is necessary, and it is also easier to be honest with yourself if you can maintain your happiness. There is no need for guilt and shame, all it does is wear you down, and wear you out. Happiness is the way to go.

Keep practicing this technique and improve on your happiness within. That way when life laughs at you, you can just laugh back, and go about your day.

Practice this skill, and let me know how it works out for you. Take care, and have a blessed day.





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Comments (2)

  1. Mary Figueroa


    Hello Cliffordstarks,
    Thank you for article. It was very inspiring to know that we all need to focus on one thing to feel accomplished. We all try to do and change many things in our life that we overwhelm ourselves and then get discourage. Then end result we quit. Then what is funny we start the same circle over and over again. I know this because I do it all the time. I start something get motivated, get myself overwhelmed and then I stop and start again. This is something I am working on and in the process of practicing. I am taking my baby steps and pushing forward. Thank you so much for your article and your encouraging words of wisdom.
    Best of luck.
    To your health and mine

    • Clifford Starks


      Yes Mary, I wish you luck on your journey. Focus on one thing and always remember if you fall you can always get back up. I have faith and believe you can accomplish what ever you put your mind to. Have a bless day 🙂

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