Being human can be a very complicated thing to be. We go through so many emotions within a year that sometimes people wish they could just shut them off. Learning to deal with your emotions can be a truly empowering experience, and some would question if it can even be done.

The human mind and body is a very unique piece of work. Coming with the capabilities to adapt to any situations. The only thing is you need to know how to deal with the situation, before you can practice dealing with it. So let’s begin and learn how to control are emotions.


Sadness is truly a powerful emotion, that many will try to avoid like the plague. Often times people who try to avoid sadness end up becoming the saddest people. Just like any other emotion, sadness should be respected, but people sometimes try to numb it out with medication or just sheer avoidance of it.

This can cause a tale spin for someone when they experience sadness, because they have not learned to cope with those moments. If you took someone out to swim and they have never been in the water, they would do terrible until that became comfortable in the water.

The same is true with sadness. If you are never around it. Once you feel it, it will feel 10 times worse, and you might not be able to handle it. Now I am not saying to go seek out sadness, just to understand it. If you feel sad it is ok. It will pass just like any other emotion.

Just make sure to feel through it though. Instead of numbing it with pills, alcohol, or anything else you may think of. Know that when you are sad there is something you can do about it. Figure it out, and really feel the sadness that you are going through.

When you get past it you will come out stronger because of it. Not only that the next time you get sad you will remember it is an emotion like any other, and you will be able to control the outcome better every time you deal with it.


This emotion is truly a gift. The ability to be happy and enjoy whatever it is we are happy in the moment about. Everyone loves to take happiness in, but often times do not realize how easy this emotion is to obtain. It is probably because although it is easy, it is not necessarily simple.

Like any emotion happiness takes practice improving. You hear people explain the strength of gratitude, and enjoying the moment. Yet sometimes people may not practice it regularly. Think about it. If you did use your muscles at all for simple movements like walking, gardening, or working, they would dwindle down and get weak.

The same is true with happiness. If you do not practice it, when you need it most it will not be there for you. So be wise and take the time to appreciate what you have in life.

You may be saying to yourself. You just told me it is ok to be sad, and now you are saying practice happiness. My reply is yes to both. Have you ever tried to pretend you were not feeling an emotion, just to make the emotion worse at the end?

When a person is sad I let them feel it for a moment, before I go into be happy. We are human and should be allowed to release energy in a healthy way when it needs to be. Not hold on to it. So take a moment to feel what you need to when you need to, and after that go back to practicing being happy-go-lucky.


When I am speaking of depression, I am not talking about clinically depression. It is not my place to speak on that, and if you do feel you are clinically depressed I would recommend getting professional help.

Depression can feel like a funk that you will never get out of. The thing I will tell you about this one is that it will pass. How it will pass really depends on the individual. Different things work for different people. Some ways of combating it has been, exercise, cold showers, having a good laugh, getting out, or just plain hanging out with your friends.

There are many options to try. You can ask yourself what is it that is making you feel the way that you do. Sometimes just being around the right people can brighten a person up who is feeling down-and-out. Taking a moment to try making some small achievable goals may help with this as well.

I went through a funk of depression myself. I felt like my life had ended. What helped me was taking a completely different outlook on it all. Instead of thinking my life was ending, I lived for the day. I know we are never promised tomorrow, but we do have the moment we are in now to live, and it is are choice if we will live it or not.


This is an extremely powerful emotion to have. The best part about it is that every knows what it feels like. I have not met a person who did not feel confident in something, and if you don’t just think long and hard and I am sure you will find something.

The best part of feeling confident is you can go back to it when trying something that is new. For example if you want to play a musical instrument that you have never played, you could think about how good it felt when you learned how to ride your bike.

You had to go through steps to learn how to ride a bike properly. The same is true for the new instrument you would be practicing. Be confidence in yourself, and realize that you have learned things before, and if you put your mind to something you will learn new things and do them as well as anything else you took the time to practice.

Feeling Defeated

I know everyone has felt this one. That feeling of just getting beaten down and feeling like you just do not have anything left. I will tell you this. Use that feeling as energy. Most of the greatest successes come from the people who keep pushing even though they had that feeling of defeat.

Honestly they make movies out of this kind of stuff. A person finding a way to stay strong even when the odds were stacked against them. Remind yourself there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that you will get to it.

You have greatness in you, and even greatness can have moments of doubt. Through those moments come strength if you push through them though.


This emotion is a very dangerous emotion indeed. Every arrogant person has fallen and fallen hard, because they do not know how to keep their ego in check. Arrogance is a feeling of betterment. Thinking somehow you are better than others, or deserve more than others, just because.

A confident person is good because they work at it. They know everyone has strengths and weaknesses. They accept their own and sharpen their strengths while trying to minimize their weaknesses. An arrogant person feels they are just better than everyone they go against. So they do not put in as much effort, due to a superiority complex.

Those who are arrogant can actually get decently far because of talent, but talent alone can only take you so far, and when they realize that not only are their egos hurt, but their mindset can become severally diminished because of it.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself are you that arrogant person. If so I suggest you do your best to humble yourself, because if you don’t life will always find a way to do it for you.


Nothing good really comes from this emotion. An angry person usually cannot articulate their anger either. Sometimes if you are angry and try expressing it. It only makes others angry in the process.

One of the best way to combat anger is find a way to recharge. If you are with someone and angry at them. It might be best to try to walk away until you can cool yourself down.

I have never seen an argument work out between to angry people, and I probably never will.

Just to clarify angry and upset are two different things. Being upset you can still see things clearly. You may see things as unfair and have reason to be upset. Angry is when you are well beyond upset. You are seeing red and you want to do some for of damage to something or someone. If you do feel the anger creeping up. Do your best to take deep breaths and reset. It will pass and you will be able to express yourself more efficiently when it does.


Over Joy

A truly wonderful feeling to have indeed. This is one you take in. Enjoy these moments with glee. I probably don’t even have to tell you about this one and you will happily oblige to this feeling.

These are those ecstatic life is great kind of feeling. When you learn how to go through the emotion spectrum you will be able to get to over joy often and frequently, but just like anything else. You have to practice dealing with all the emotions to be able to switch easily from one to another.

Complete Emotional Understanding

Knowing yourself is a very important ability. W. Clement Stone said “When we direct our thoughts properly, we can control our emotions.” It will take practice, and it will take feeling all of these emotions to do so, but you will thankful that you did.

I believe part of life’s journey is to learn how to control are emotions properly. Each individual has to do it in their own way and on their own time.

Some people may be faster to anger or not know how to control sadness or depression. That’s ok because that is their journey just as your journey is yours.

I like to look at it like this. If you are able to lift 150 lbs and someone else could only lift 5 lbs. You don’t have to necessary train with that person, but I am sure you would not be mad at them for only being able to lift 5 lbs.

The same is true for emotional strength. Some people just have better control of theirs, and I hope that yours becomes even better after reading this article.

Keep practicing and always remember, there is greatness in you!

Feel free to comment below. I would also love to hear your thoughts.

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