Life can be quite interesting, and also very simple if we see it as such. In life, we have certain expectations. Certain things always happen a certain way. Every action has a reaction as such. Some can even call this a karmic balance. If you do something right, something good will happen, and if you do something bad, something bad will happen.

The funny thing is when things do not turnout the way they are supposed to we can get frustrated. Doing something right for someone and them not returning the favor seems unfair, and can even anger the person that felt the kindness was not reciprocated. It can even leave some so bitter they say to themselves why help anyone at all?

What Is Random Acts Of Kindness?

Having a random act of kindness in a nutshell is doing right by another person for the sake of doing it. An example would be donating to a charity randomly, or giving someone you do not even know a gift. Since it is random the odds of it being reciprocated is very low, and you expect it as such. So what makes this a powerful technique you ask? Stick with me and by the end you will realize just how powerful this technique truly is.

Irony Of Random Acts Of Kindness

Although it is random acts of kindness that you are doing. You are still in a way doing it for yourself. Have you ever heard the saying “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. It really is quite simple and quite difficult for people to do if they do not know how their mind works. You might have an idea of were I am going with this, but random acts of kindness is really a technique that will set you up to be successful in this journey we call life.

We Hate Pain

As people we absolutely hate painful situations and scenario’s, or at least most of us do. I am sure you can remember some of your most painful memories. Maybe someone called you dumb, lazy, unattractive, or something negative along those lines. Those things can run so deep that you could remember them for a lifetime.

Now Let’s think about the time you did something for someone, and they did not return the favor. It is the same thing, a form of pain that is remembered. If enough people hurt you, it can almost put you in a very trust-less and a disliking of people. Holding on to an trust-less state can make you not only trust others, but you may not even trust yourself or your judgments of people.

In that kind of state how can you ever expect others to trust you if you are not trusting of them? If you have fallen victim to this it is ok, and you can fix it.

How Random Acts Of Kindness Changes Things

What doing random acts of kindness does is takes the expectations away that you have of other people. It also puts you in a place to do more good things for others as well. The more you practice it the more you will do for others, and it will become natural.

Doing this will also change your energy. It puts you in control of things. You will see the world defiantly and have a new appreciation of things.

Now instead of worrying about if people are out to get you, you will enjoy giving to other’s, and the odds of them reciprocating the favor increases. Even if they don’t do it, your mind is ok with that too, because it is used to freely giving.

I am sure you know those people that you would do anything for. Why would you do that? Odds are it’s because they would do anything for you as well. So imagine living in a world where you just give to other’s without expectation. I bet you would get more people who would be willing to help you out if you needed it.

Give It A Try

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Give it a try and let me know how you like it. Here is your chance to change your worlds, and see how your world changes for you. I wish you luck and hope you have fun with this.

P.S. My random act of kindness for today is to wish you a great day, and hope that you realize the talents that you have been blessed with!

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    Awwwww this article is so emotionally strength, thanks Clifford out deserve an award for this post

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