You get to hear motivation all the time. Sometimes people want to be motivated to do something, or need the right head space to really get things moving in their life. So the question is can words really move a person enough to take actionable steps in life?

I know how people hear the, you can do it, or just believe in yourself speeches, as if people have not attempted to do that before. Motivation is nice to have. I know we can all agree on that. The desire to actually want to do somethings makes it fun and you will probably want to do something that you are motivated to do, but it goes deeper than that.

It is not only the language we use, but it is how we use the language we use. We as people learn the most difficult things in life through words, and taking those words and using actionable steps. Even the saying it is not rocket science, claims that to be a rocket scientist takes education and know how. Where does the education come from? It comes from books. Also, known as written words. That shows truly how powerful words can really be. Words can teach others the necessary steps to build a rocket ship.

So what am I getting at here? When words are used correctly in the form of motivational speaking, it can cause people to do some of the most amazing things. With words and an actionable game plan pretty much anything can be accomplished.

Look at some of the best athletes on the planet. What is one thing they all have in common? A solid, intensely focused mindset. They have the ability to almost will things to happen. That kind of mindset is born in all of us. Some of us just might not know it yet.

Now to get to the mindset is easier said than done though. It takes a lot more than just realizing the potential is there. Knowledge of something is not enough. If that were true people would learn how to swim by simply just thinking about it, and we all know it doesn’t work that way.

Having an actionable plan and taking the steps to execute that plan is where the true magic is at.

I do not want to brag when I speak in this section, but I have won a lot in life. I have also lost a lot in life, but there is one thing that I know is true. The more experiences you have in life, the faster you will adapt to new situations. Here is where it gets a bit tricky though. Experience alone is not enough. It is adaptable experience that is the key.

What is the difference between experience and adaptable experience? Let’s say you know a lot about cars. Your experience can either cloud you or keep you open to new ideas. A person with a lot of experience may say I know everything there is to know about cars therefore there is no need to continue to learn and grow. Yet a person with adaptable experience would say, I know a lot about cars, but I can always learn more.

I think that is what a good motivational speaker does best. They put people into a mindset that is actionable, and they make them aware enough to have adaptable experience. Think about how powerful that is. When a person is taking action and they are creative only good things can come out of a situation like that.

Put the two together and watch how powerful they are. Look up the wright brothers, they were two brothers looking to taking actionable steps and having the ability to have adaptable experience to a new level, and they had the first plane to show for it.

So you see when the right motivator is around you give people the opportunity to go all in on their special gift, and do great things in this world. As I love to say the best investment one can make, is on them self.

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