The Reason Why Is….

I know the feelings that we all go through. The thoughts of not feeling adequate or good enough. You give yourself a reason to why you cannot do something. There could be so many reasons really. It could be fear, not wanting to be uncomfortable, you might fail,

You might even give a logical reason to why you are not going to try to make the blow easier on yourself. It could be I really didn’t want to do that anyway, I’m ok with where am at, it’s not my fault I deserve more but the world keeps kicking me down, I had a bad family situation which keep me from opportunities, and the list goes on.

I Get It

Are brains are incredibly clever. They will find away to keep you away from pain. Even if it is at the cost of doing something better in your life. The brain will focus more on the pain than the success of doing it. When it is all said and done you get to live with not fulfilling yourself and not seeing the full potential you really have.

Then you get clever slogans like “just do it”, “believe in yourself”, even my own “greatness within”. Not realizing that is only the start of the battle.

The Battle Can Be Fun

There is a lot of stuff that goes to getting past the fear of failure. Having the right mindset is a key component, but it is about how you build the mindset. To often people try to will through everything or over complicate things, making the process so difficult that you can get to were you say to yourself, what’s the point?

Give yourself winnable battles to begin with. Don’t make your life harder than it has to be. Life is a series of little battles that we have with ourselves, all the while getting stronger after each one.

Sometimes people give you this little hacks in life that simply do not work. I am sure you have heard a habit is build in 21 days. Who here has tried to change a difficult habit in 21 days, and actually maintained it? I am sure the number is quite low. Not because you are inadequate, but because it just doesn’t work that way.

Changing habits take time. So it is important to set small achievable goals for yourself, until you have built enough momentum to go after more difficult goals. You will get where you need to go with the right game plan.

The successful have one thing going for them, they are tenacious. They will not stop until they get to their destination.

How Not To Fail

Perception is the key on this one. If I told you there was a reason for everything that you do, every step you take, and every struggle you have, it would not feel like failure. Everything that you do hardens you, and makes you stronger, to accomplish your set out task.

It is true when they say the only failure is when you just stop. So don’t let your mind trick you into believing you should just stop because you are feeling a certain way in a moments time. How radically do are emotions changes throughout the day. We can go from on top of the world to feeling defeated in seconds, but this is where it gets interesting.

What if you continued to act in a way that you were successful no matter what life is throwing at you. In your heart you know everything you are putting into your passion is going to pan out. Close your eyes and think about your success! How does it feel? Carry that feeling with you always.

That is what it means to enjoy the journey. Go all in on your journey, and feel the high of life. When you do something and fall, and say to yourself that’s ok I know I will get there, and you continue to do what you set out to do until you make it, that is where it is at. The journey, the struggle, and the success. When you look back at it all there were no real failures. They were just obstacles building you up to become what you became. The failures were really just illusions.

Go Get It

Go all in on you. When you go after your dreams and make them realities, You will go after other dreams after you reach it. What makes this so great though is this is where happiness comes from. Setting out to do something with your life. So you don’t look back saying to yourself I wish I would have done it this way.

Your time is your time. Take care of it, and go after what you know you can. Do not let fears or doubts stop you. Like I said start with small goals that you know you can 95% do. Then make the challenges a little more difficult each time, until you realize failure really is just an illusion you have created in your own head.

The truth is the greatness is already in you. You just have to act on it to realize it was in you all along.


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