As I sit here typing on my computer, I remember how much life can be a roller coaster. There are a lot of ups and a lot of downs. One of the most important things that I have learned is that happiness is truly a choice. It is a perception that many strive to get to some find it easier than other, but the most important thing to remind yourself to look within.

Often people look for outside sources to find their happiness, and end up much worst off than they began. Always start inward first though. It is one of the greatest and efficient strategies one can use, because when you look inward you are taking the time to invest in yourself.

Ask yourself what makes you happy and be honest with yourself. One of the trickiest abilities the mind can play on us is to trick us into believing certain things make us happy. When in reality they do nothing but enslave us. Some of those things I can think of off the top of my head is money and fame. What is the point of either if you get trapped in a cycle of constantly need more for approval.

Now there are also some that may have imbalances, and it is not my place to say whether you should medicate or not. That is a decision that must be left up to you and the doctors that you trust. I do however know the body and the mind can be extremely work very well when taken care of properly. So it is important to love yourself by taking in the proper nutrients, exercises, and giving the mind creative things to do.

Happiness is a very interesting topic, because it’s the combination of a thought, a feeling, and an action. We know when we are thinking happy thoughts smiling from ear to ear enjoying the moment that has been provided. Maybe you are sitting on the sandy beach feeling the wind blow in your hair while you enjoy the sun, and the feeling. The feeling is much easier for people to feel than express. Most know the feeling of happiness that great feeling of life is nice, and I am enjoying it just taking the true feeling of it all in, and than there is the action. When we are alive and in the moment of enjoying whatever activity we have going on, maybe it is acting on one of your favorite hobbies, or a sport you enjoy, it could even be a simple as reading your favorite book.

Now here is where it gets interesting life does through curve balls are way. Sometimes it does it more than others, but we get to choose which moment we are going to decide to live in. You have the option to choose how you will perceive the situation that has been presented to you.

It could be something as simple as a red light. Will you complain and through a temper tantrum at the thought of you being at a red light, or will you take it as an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and think of all the great things you have planned for the day? It could be something much more devastating as well, a severe back injury. Will you curse at how unfair the situation is, and how you didn’t deserve to be in this situation? Or will you control what you can control and focus on the many blessings that you have been provided with?

You get to choose how you take on the situations presented to you, and it would not be my place to make a judgment on the choices you decide to make. Just remind yourself the power of happiness is in the choices we make, and the way we perceive the situations that we have been given.

As always I wish you the best of luck in your journey, and if you have anything that you like to think about to keep your happiness meter up please leave them on the comments below. I would love to here them. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day!

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  1. Herman


    Getting to make the choice to be happy is powerful. Our reaction to life can help us tremendously. It is simple as well as complicated. Some choices call us out of our norm, but it is worth the effort. I appreciate your writing and encourage you to continue doing so.

    • Reply

      Thank you for your input Herman. I agree with your statements, and absolutely it can be simple and complicated all at the same time. As human’s we are extremely powerful, and that realization of power is sometime the first step knowing happiness is a choice and within us.

  2. Stephen


    Thanks a lot for the humbling post, Clifford.

    You’re very honest here and I do agree with all the points you make. Happiness truly is a choice and it really is a case of being honest with yourself. I find that many people get stuck in the mindset of the ‘grass is always greener’, and can never be content with what they have.

    I look forward to more posts, you’re certainly chosen a niche with a never-ending amount of topics.

    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am looking forward to making consistent content that you enjoy. Hope that you have a great day! 

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