We are not built to multi-task

It seems the more we advance as a society the more we try to multi-task. Maybe it is because things have become so convenient, we think now I can do more things at once. Yet in truth we are not designed to do it. When ever it comes to being great at something you have to know how to focus your energy, because when you don’t you are just doing a lot of different things half ass.

It is hard to not fall into the trap of multi tasking. Your mind might say to you I can handle all of these things, but reflect on it and see how well you are really handling all the task at hand.

I personally had this self reflection recently. As I was trying to play Father to my son and type a blog at the same time. It didn’t go well if you could imagine. I could not focus on my blog or my son. So basically I was doing a crappy job at both things. I had to take the time to be honest with myself and say I have to do one or the other.

You see focusing your energy does not mean you cannot do several things. It means that when you have a task at hand put all of your energy on the current task you are doing. Some people will drive, text, and eat all at the same time, and say see I can multi-task. To those people I would say really? Get behind the wheel of a race car and try to win the Indy 500 while eating and texting.

People can multi-task when they are doing mundane task, but at the professional level it just won’t work. That’s why for instance with my son and writing a blog I can only do one at a time. I want to be a great father and blogger when I am doing it. Not an average father and blogger, just to save time by doing both together.

Be Honest

Now that I have explained my thoughts, ask yourself what are you doing with your life? Are you trying to multi-task in areas you shouldn’t knowing you are just doing average work? If the answer is yes, that is totally fine. The sooner you are honest with yourself the sooner you can do something about it. So take responsibility and prepare yourself to do great things.


I have to say greatness is one of my favorite words, when I think of it I think of those who have it figured out. Or at least they have figured it out in their profession. Some greats to me are Napoleon Hill, Muhammad Ali, My Mom, My Dad, and Betty Crocker. Who are your greats? Who has gone above and beyond to make an impact in your life in some way?

When you answer that question my next is, would you like to be remembered by other’s for being great at something? If the answer is yes then make sure you focus on the task at hand. Be great in the moment.

What Balance

I am sure you have heard the term work-life balance. I will say how can it really be balance if everyone’s balance is different. Simply put your balance is know exactly what you want in life. It is really that simple. What do you want and accept the consequences for what you want.

For example If you are overweight and you want to be fit instead. Do what you need to do focus your energy towards it and accept the consequences. You will have to change your eating habits, exercise habits, and lifestyle. If you say well I want balance. You will not get there because a fit persons balance is different from an overweight person. Know what you want and do what you must to get there.

I will use myself as an example as well. My balance is my son comes before work. I have enough money to provide for him and he is only 2. So whatever I am doing if he needs me I will drop and take care of him. Someone else’s balance may be different from that and that is ok with me. I have my own way of doing things, and my way makes sense to me.

Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you have to conform to, I need to find balance in my life, because it doesn’t really exist, unless you are talking about what your balance is to you.

What do you want to be remembered for

So what do you want to be remembered for when it is all said and done? This article started with focusing your energy. If you want to be remembered for being a great Mom or Dad, and you let life get in the way of performing that task, odds are you will not be remembered for that.

Ask yourself the tough questions. So that you can make the right choices and focus on the right things. Sometimes we think we have forever to do what we were meant to be here to do, but we don’t. So look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I focusing on what is important”.


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