So this is just a little of a mini rant I am going to have. I know that marketers only have so much time to catch someone’s eye. So sometimes they resort to some pretty dirty tactics in my opinion. I am reading this ad that says to find your success fast and easy.

This is a real issue to me, for a couple of reasons. We have all wanted the fast way out of life one way or another. Hoping that certain things will just come quickly. Sometimes we want to believe it so much that when someone says there is a way, we force ourselves to believe. Then we feel duped after paying for what ever crazy product or service it was.

I will tell you right now there is no fast and easy success. That is not to say there is the illusion of some having fast and easy success.

I will give an example of F.B.A. which stands for fulfillment by Amazon. Basically you become a third party seller on the Amazon platform. It is a market place where you can make a lot of money, if you follow the procedures correctly. Now some people may claim someone became an overnight success on that platform, because they ended up following the program and within a month they crushed it. This is something that can definitely happen on the Amazon platform. The only problem is that only happens to maybe 1% of them, and on top of it those people have probably already found success somewhere before they started doing FBA.

I think it is only fair to be honest with people and let them know that when they start something it will take some time for it to come together. That is not to say that they cannot get there at a decent pace. I have seen many success stories happen within a year or two, but usually quick to people mean days, weeks, or a few months.

I have trained many clients, and I have many success stories, and it all starts with being upfront with them. Set big goals and have big dreams, absolutely I want that! I just want people to have realistic expectations on when they will accomplish those things. You will appreciate it more, and enjoy the journey too.

Building success comes from building the habits of the successful. No one is born that way, and when a guru says they can make you that way overnight, they are straight up lying to you. Go to someone who is going to want the best for you and is willing to go through the process with you. Not someone who will promise outlandish dreams, and when you don’t succeed blame you for not trying hard enough.

Always remember greatness is in you, even if it may take time to bring it out.

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