It is absolutely ok to fail. To fail does not mean you are a failure. Honestly it takes you a step closer to your best you. Lets deep dive and see why it is ok to fail.

You Are Capable

I think as people we can sometimes get caught up in the fine details of finding ourselves we somehow believe we are incapable if we do not get where we are looking to go in life right away. The movies we watch, the people we hear about, the successes we want. We think to ourselves do I not fit am I not worthy. When in reality you could not be further from the truth.

No matter where your at in life you always have a chance. Remind yourself that it is ok. Life will always give us obstacles and challenges. They can come in the form of doubters, haters, unfortunate circumstances, and the list goes on. When we take on a challenge we are bound to fail from time to time. Especially if it is something worth achieving, because those things usually hold the biggest challenges.

We Fail, We Learn, We Move On

When you fail you grow, if you allow yourself to. You can learn from it and grow. As a trainer one of the hardest things I see is when a person is trying to get in shape and they make a mistake. They do a great job for a month. Make a mistake, and say well now I screwed up. I am a screw up so I might as well quit.

Don’t let your mind get ahead of you and turn you into a failure. You made a mistake. Mistakes do not define us, unless we allow them to. It is ok and you will be ok. That is what I hear when I hear It’s ok not to be ok.

Just keep on keeping, you have to plan, act, fail, learn, and repeat the process. If you want to get somewhere you will get there. Know that is inevitable. You make a mistake that is fine, learn from it and keep going.

What if I keep making the same mistake though? Ask yourself if it really is a failure in the first place. Great things take time, and sometimes you just have to give certain things enough time to blossom. Now if you define it and it is a failure, ask yourself these questions. Why does it happen? What can I do to make the situation different? You have to know there is a way around the obstacle. You can even ask those on your side for possible ideas, and see if those may work for you.

Failing Does Not Make You A Failure

I will tell you some of the most successful people have come from failing a lot. The only difference from the haves and have not’s is the thought process. Those who do not succeed see it their failures as a reason to quit something. It is their way of saying I tried and it is not for me. Those who succeed know failure is part of the learning process. Every time they fail they come back stronger than the last time.

Now this process can be easier said than done. Especially if failure makes you feel terrible about yourself. This is to those who have trouble believing. There is greatness in you. I know it is there. With enough practice and know how, you will get to where you need to go. I don’t care where you start. Know that you are worthy and believe. It is not enough that I believe in you. You have to know that you can do it. Even if it seems you can’t. Just start with knowing you can do it. Some way somehow you will put it together.

Let The Work Begin

The truth is this journey will take work, and it will take dedication. This is all a process, and it is not always as easy as saying just believe in yourself, or greatness is in you. Those who are already moving in the right direction that may be all they need. I have a community on my YouTube channel who are a bunch of strong-minded individuals. It doesn’t take them much to get started. You are welcome to join if you need to be around like-minded individuals who will help you rise to greatness. The link is

The process takes time and being part of the right community is a start. If you fall we will help to pick you up. Your time is now. If you need specific help you are welcome to email me for coaching at If I can help you out I will, if not I will direct you to a person who can.

Good luck, and remember be great!

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Comments (2)

  1. Glenys


    Thanks for this great motivation. I really need to remind myself that we fail, we learn and we move on. This was totally the message that I needed to hear today. I too have been guilty of that expression ” I tried, it didn’t work… so I will stop”. I need to look at that in a different way and keep going forward.
    Thanks for reminding me to get back up and keep moving forward…. onwards and upwards should be my motto.
    I was just wondering what sentences / mantra’s you use personally to make sure that you are always moving forward?

    • Clifford Starks


      Awesome Glenys, I am excited for your new found belief in yourself and to keep moving forward. I have two things that I say to myself when it feels like my back is against the wall or if things get extremely difficult. The first is “what if” what if I find a way to make it through this task how great would I feel when I accomplish it. The second thing I remind myself is that I am still breathing. If I am still breathing I always have a chance. I always remind myself that through those super tough times. 

      Thank you for your comment, and remember there is greatness in you!

      P.S. not sure if you are into YouTube but here is my link if you are… I want people to have that extra boost when they need it. I know an inspired individual is a person who will achieve the goals they set out for.

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