So to start this review I would like to start with the title of the book. F.U. Money is exactly how it sounds. Getting into a position in life where you have the options to do what you want in life. Positioning yourself in a way were you have the power to get what you want financially.

He does speak about how money gives you options and how you can be a nice or mean with money. He mentions that those who claim money is the root of all evil are really just making excuses. Usually because they do not have it. I do agree that in order to make a lot of money it is important to change the way you think about money if you happen to see it in a negative light. At the end money really does provide more options in life, and it really depends on what you decide to do with the money you will acquire.

I listened to the audio book and must say I was very impressed by the overall content that was provided in this book. The audio book itself is about 5 hours long, and for about 3 and a half hours the book goes into the true strength proper mindset will provide. He also mentions how he can give the strategies and tactics to two people in the exact same spot in life, and one can be successful and the other not just because of mindset alone.

I absolutely agree that mindset is truly one of the most important things one can have. Especially when trying to accomplish something like financial freedom. It is going to take grit, and also the right strategies. Work smarter not harder. I will say that this is a practiced thing, and mindset can be changed. Just like anything else it will take practice, and action to change it. It all starts with being will to believe in yourself enough and taking the actions necessary. Surrounding yourself with the right people and educated yourself correctly are also important for developing the right mindset.

He also mentions in the book how you can get your F.U. money relatively quickly. If you are willing to put in the work and go all in on yourself it is possible. I have seen how far people can go with the right mindset. I agree that when you do start to go all in on yourself everything will come together.

In his book he does go over about 16 strategies and tactics you can use to get to your F.U. Money. Dan also goes into detail on these strategies and tactics. I will say the strategies he gives in the book are great to have. They are important to implement if you are looking to get to your desired goals. You can find these strategies if you are willing to look for them online.  However I will say buying a $20 book is much easier than looking all over the internet for these strategies.

Overall I would give this book a 4.5 stars out of 5. Great read focusing heavily on having the right mindset, and strategies/tactics needed to get to your success.

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  1. Randy


    Well, I must say the title of the book is quite different but it does grab your attention. As you stated, having the right mindset and the willingness to work hard is what it takes to succeed. From your review, I’d like to know what the 16 strategies are. It seems like a book I should check out. 

    • Clifford Starks


      Thank you for the comment, Yes it is definitely a book worth giving a read. 

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