I will be going over 4 emotional intelligence skills today and the importance of having each one.

  • Self-awareness.
  • self-management
  • Relationship management.
  • Social awareness


Self-awareness is the ability to be able to look within, and know yourself as an individual. This is an extremely important trait to have if you want to create a plan that can be honest, effective, and align with your goals.

When an individual is self-aware it opens up so many opportunities to them, because they have the awareness to know what to do to get to where they need to go. Knowing the steps you have to take, as well as being aware of your own strengths and weakness will put you in a major advantage to achieve your goals.


self-management which is the ability to control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and alter the in accordance to the situation at had. A very useful skill to have in the workplace, and in life in general.

Having the ability to control one’s emotions is a monk like skill that will benefit you and others around you in the long run. We all know someone who has been so upset with someone they blow their to, and in return the person they were talking to blow their top as well. Making it a lose-lose situation.

With proper self-management you can control your feelings in such a way, and explain your points to people concisely and calmly. Leading to better results and more win-wins for people. Your happy, their happy, and everyone around you is happier for you have the self-regulation to be able to handing any emotional situation accordingly.

Relationship management

Relationship management is a skill set which helps with management of people in a positive and influential way. Having this skill set in large will help you in all situations because when you can manage people correctly including yourself, you are more likely to be managing your life correctly as well.

Having the ability to influence those around you, build teamwork, inspire, and develop is a priceless ability. Your life will run much smoother if you have other’s on your side, and you on theirs. It again creates that win-win situation for all parties alike.

Social awareness

Having social awareness to go into a social environment, and know how to relate to others and empathize is huge. I have always said you win debates with emotion, not with logic. If you have the social awareness to be able to understand others wants and needs. They will be more inclined to like and trust you.

Rightfully so too. You are taking the time to understand the social situation, and act accordingly to it. It is a very beautiful skill set to have, and makes for an easier environment for everyone to thrive under.

We all know that person that is extremely socially aware, and they just make everything else run smoothly no matter what the situation is.

Putting it all together

Learning this skill sets is the same as working a muscle. The better you understand them and the more you practice them, the stronger you will become in the skill.

I would like to recommend the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 for those who are interested in going more in depth on this skill-sets, and taking their game to the next level. Just press here for details.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and please feel free to comment below and give your opinion on the subject. Have a great day!

Disclaimer: I get a commission for purchase made on this link. This is my honest review and personal opinion on this book, and also a book that I have personally read.





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Comments (2)

  1. Regina


    Hi Clifford,
    From a few of the articles I have read on your site, I can tell it is all about self development. I must commend you on how very professional you are on this issue.
    Coming to the present article, I am at a point in my life when I really need to learn the art of self-management, this in order to be able to control my thoughts especially. My thoughts (negative ones) have often landed me in some serious psychological problems. Wouldn’t it be great if I can acquire this book?
    It’s a very informative article. Thanks

    • Reply

      Hi Regina,
      Thank you for taking the time to look through my website, I am glad you enjoyed it. Acknowledgement is the first step of moving in the direction that you need. I am excited for your journey and know you will do big things. I will also be reviewing some of my favorite books to read, and how they can help a person depending on what stage they are in, in their life. I will also have link where you can get each book and also look at other peoples reviews. Keep moving forward dear Regina, and remember there is greatness in you 🙂

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