It’s Ok To Fail, It Is Part Of The Greatness Process

It is absolutely ok to fail. To fail does not mean you are a failure. Honestly it takes you a step closer to your best you. Lets deep dive and see why it is ok to fail. You Are Capable I think as people we can sometimes get caught up in the fine details of

The Wim Hof Technique-Want to be great do this!!!

Warning: The Wim Hof technique can be very strenuous especially if you have not attempted his methods before. Make sure to speak with your Doctor or Physician before attempting any of the techniques that I will be sharing with you. Who is Wim Hof Wim Hof was born 20 April 1959, also known as the

Enhancing your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Realizing they all work together When you think of the Mind, the body, and the spirit, what do you think of? My personal belief is the body is the physical tool that we use to move and act with. The mind is the thinking component were basic intellect and thought takes place. As for the

Mindset, Growth, And The Ability To Succeed

Why this is Important Since I have been young seeing the real potential each individual has is a real unique experience. I love to see people succeed at what makes them great. The crazy thing is how simple it can be. When you take the necessary steps your success becomes a given in due time.

7 habits of successful people-inspired by the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I will put my take on the 7 habits of successful people and why each habit is so important to have. Be proactive I remember the first time wrestling actually became hard for me. I was a great wrestler in high school, and was a state champion my senior year. I felt I was just