When you have the proper amount of action and planning are put together the goals you desire are a given.

Importance of a Plan

Having a plan on how you are going to get to where you want to go is one of the most important things you can have. Imagine if your goal was to get to a location you have never been before, but you did not have a map to get there. You could try all you want but until you had some idea of where you needed to go no matter how hard you tried to get there you would be unsuccessful, unless you got very lucky.

That is exactly the same thing a plan does it is your map of how to get to the location you are looking to go. The more specific the details and thought out the plan is, the easier it will become to execute. So when you make a plan make sure you make it as specific to the goals you are looking to meet as possible.

Importance of Action

When it comes to having action nothing can get done without. Let’s go back to the scenario of trying to get to a certain location. You could have the most detailed precise map on how to get there, but if you did not take the action to get there nothing would happen.

Action is part of the life blood of making your goals, dreams, and desires a true reality. So make sure to take the necessary actions to get to where you are looking to go.

Traps people fall into

Now that we know how important it is to have a plan, and act on the plan we have to watch out for certain traps that we are all capable of falling into.

Some people over plan everything, they get so trapped in their own head that they end up going nowhere. They have the ideas laid out, but in their head it is never perfect enough so they continue planning not realizing all that planning is creating a lack of action.

When I think of a plan without action. I see a person with all the know how reading all the books in the world and having the plan laid out, but nothing changing. Just the same life with the knowledge to change it, but not taking the action to change it.

Then there is the reverse of that. Those who go into a situation with absolutely no plan at all. They think if they take enough action things will eventually get figured out, but again the same is true without the plan and consistent action you could be taking action in the wrong place and not even knowing it.

When I think of taking action without a plan. I see a person who constantly has that new idea and goes all in without any long term structure. Just thinking if I take enough action things will plan out. Constantly doing the same thing over and over again different ventures with the same attitude. Not quite learning from the last. All the action in the world but no follow through or plan to get to the goals they are really looking to accomplish.

Finding your balance

Now knowing that both are important it is about finding that balance that works best for you. I personally like to do a 50/50 of planning and taking action. They both really do complement each other. Working them out together will not only make your goal achievable it will be inevitable. It is not a matter of if but when.

Doing both will also ensure that you are always learning on the job to your goals. You learn while you plan and you learn while you act. Only teaching you to plan and act better leading to the outcome that you eventually desire.

Get to your goals

Ultimately I do hope that you put these two powerful words into action. Planning and Action that is it. Start with those two word to move in the direction you are looking to move into. I wish you luck in what ever goals and dreams that you may have. Believe in yourself and put them together. There is no better feeling then making your dreams a reality. Well maybe loving your friends and family, but you get what I mean.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what some of your goals are, I will be rooting for you!





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Comments (4)

  1. Xavier Tapia


    Hello Clifford, definitively I identified and practice these valuable pointers you are explaining in this your post.The order and layout of the article is; in my opinion self explanatory because your goals must be follow by taking, decisive, massive, intelligent actions towards achieving them.It is the only possible way and trust me I have learned many crucial lessons in my life this way.
    Thanks for sharing and best wishes: Xavier.T

    • Reply

      Hello Xavier glad to hear that you practice these habits in your everyday life. I agree it should be self explanatory, but you would be surprised how some will think action in and of itself is enough. Or the reverse of that being the planner who sits there and plans for years. Sometimes the best way is to have an idea of what to do, do it and then learn the true lesson behind it. Thank you for your thoughts, and I hope you are having a blessed day.

  2. Kashia


    Awesome post.

    I used to struggle so much with planning too much, and like you said, it leads to inaction. Most of it, I think, is due to wanting things to work out perfectly the way things are planned.

    Which is why I love how you pointed out that, you can learn while you plan and act. Planning is great, acting it better, but just because things don’t quite go as planned, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any progress being made.

    Thanks for the awesome tips. I’ll definitely get myself to plan 50% of the time and act for the other 50%.

    • Clifford Starks


      Hi Kashia, thank you for the comment. Glad to hear you agree and I wish you the best of luck in your personal journey!

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