We have all been there trying to build good habits, and break the bad habits. You try your best and it comes to no avail. You are right back where you have started. I am sure you may have even done the build a habit in 21 days thinking if you just stick it out for 21 day the habit will be built. Yet looking back at it all still the new habit just does not stick.

I am going to go over 5 strategies that you can use that will make creating a new habit an easier process. So let’s get into it and change your structure for habit building.

Set Passionate Goals

Too often people go into creating new habits very half-ass. Unfortunately when you go into creating a new habit with half-ass intentions you will get half-ass results. Think about everyone and their New Years resolution. Always saying this is going to be the year I change. If I asked why people may say because it is my New Years resolution, and I really have to get in shape.

Where is the passion in an answer like that? There is no way a person stands a chance creating a new habit thinking like that. Ask yourself the tough questions. Why do you want to build the new habits. Will you do it for yourself, for a family member, for a friend. Make the habit you are trying to build something you really want to achieve, and don’t B.S. yourself. Why waste your time trying to build habits you really do not care about.

There can even be habits that you are willing to build that you do not like, as long as you are passionate about the desired outcome. An example would be if you had a friend that had a heart attack, because they did not take care of themselves. Let’s say your friend tells you the new-found difficulties they know experience since having the heart attack, and how they wish they would have taken better care of their body so they would not be in the position they are in no.

You know that simply just changing your eating habits and building a workout routine would dramatically decrease your chances of having one. I am sure having this new-found outlook will dramatically increase your likelihood of building the new habit. Why? because you are passionate about the health you have, and you want to maintain that health by doing what is necessary.

So make sure to take the time to find the real reason you want to achieve the habits you are looking for.

Right People

When you are attempting to reach certain habits. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. Stay around those who have already obtained the habit you are looking to create, or they are well on their way of making it a solidified habit.

Think about it this way. If you were to be a heavy drinker chances are that hanging around other drinkers will not increase your odds of changing that habit. You dramatically increase your odds by surrounding yourself with people who do not drink. They might even have other activities that they do other than drinking. What you decide to do in life is your business. Just realize if you truly want to make a change in something you have to surround yourself with the right kind of people, because doing the same things you have always done will not create the change you may be looking for.

Changing habits is difficult enough as it is. So surround yourself with the right people. If there is a good habit you want to achieve, hang around those who have it. If it is a bad habit you want to break, surround yourself with others who do not have that habit. Give yourself a chance a creating whatever new habit you are trying to get to.

Enjoy The Process

This is a crucial step in creating a new habit. Enjoying the process of creating a habit will help it stick. The reason I do not like the 21 days is because people go all in for 21 days and expect a new habit to form that way. Building healthy habits or breaking unhealthy ones is a lifetime process. There will be challenges, but make sure those challenges are bearable.

A challenge that you succeed in feels good. So make yourself small challenges that you know you are capable of doing. Put yourself in a position to succeed. Any kind of forward progress is a move in the right direction. Just keep moving forward. Eventually the process will become easier and easier with time.

I am sure you know the feeling when you get past a barrier or a challenge in life. It feels amazing. The same is true for habit build every barrier no matter how small it is, is a step in the right direction. So remember to start today, and enjoy the process.

Work Within Your Willpower

Do not put yourself in such compromising situation that you will fail. Be honest with yourself and know what you willpower is. If you love sugary cereal and you know you cannot control yourself when it is around, get it out of the house. Give yourself the chance to have success. Eventually you can reintroduce it back into your life when you have built the habit to not need it.

That is the funny thing about building habits. When you build them the desires you may have once had are not as intense. This is a process and it will not happen overnight. You just have to know in time that it will happen. Your willpower for certain things will change if you allow yourself the time for it to change.

Know what you want to do. Know what your willpower is, and put yourself in the very best position possible to be successful. This is your time!

Proper Thoughts And Actions

Make sure to speak to yourself correctly in your journey to building your new habits. The process really all starts with a thought. Knowing that a habit starts within a moment of deciding you are going to create it. This is why New Year’s Resolutions make creating new habits difficult. Saying to yourself I am going to start at this date does nothing for you. The best time to start a habit is today.

How does a child become a mature adult. They are taught. They learn how to act a certain way, and think a certain way. As they mature they increase in wisdom from all of lives experiences, and learn from mistakes they have made. The more self-aware a child is the sooner they reach maturity as well. They don’t say (as least the mature one’s don’t) I am not going to learn and grow, but by the time I am 18 I will be an adult. Without the right thoughts, actions, and experiences mature adulthood just does not happen.

The same is true with habits. The best time to create a new habit is today. Start planning and taking the necessary steps to be successful in the habits that you are trying to create.

Write It Down

When you write down the habits you want to create it makes it more real for you. You will also remember it better when you write it down. Once you have it in your head you have dramatically increased your chances of creating your new habit.

Really it just makes it more serious. I cannot write a habit I am attempting to create unless I know I am really serious about making it happen, and I am sure you are probably the same way. Writing it down just makes it more real, and makes you feel accountable just off of the fact that you wrote it down.

That is my challenge to you, if you want it bad enough write it down. Go all in on what you are looking to accomplish.

Cold Shower

This is one you can take or leave. Speak with your doctor or physician first before even attempting this one though. Taking a 5-minute cold shower can be extremely empowering to the psyche. Once you do this it is almost like any habit you are trying to create becomes that much easier. Think of it like a willpower booster. If you were able to withstand the cold shower you will be able to withstand any new habit you are trying to create.

I personally take cold showers, and have to say it is a great way to start my day. I feel great after, and everything else just becomes so much easier.

Also, if you could record your face if you decide to do it, and put it in the comment section lol. I am sure everyone will enjoy it! 🙂

Sticky Notes

When you are attempting to create new habits sticky notes can really be your best friend. Putting sticky notes in certain places will help to trigger you into thinking about the habit, and the consequences to bad habits. For example if you want to give up smoking. Put a sticky note on your cigarettes. Write on the sticky note the benefits that you will get from not smoking, or even the bad things that smoking will do to you.

It just helps you to be more conscious of the situation. When building new habits you have to start with being conscious about it before it becomes an unconscious habit, and this is a good way of doing that.


As people we can be very visual. This is something you can use to your advantage. Visual how you will feel and respond when you have built the new habit. Make it like the habit already exist, and you have taken the necessary steps to get there. When you make a new reality for yourself, you can increase the odds of acting like the new framework you have thought about. Do your best to make it as clear and concise as possible.

You Can Do It

There you have it 9 solid ways to help you on your journey to creating your new habits. Follow these steps and I assure you that you will increase your chances of building your new habits sooner than later. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. With the right know how and belief you can and will be successful! Always remind yourself that you can do it! There is greatness in you!







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Comments (2)

  1. Hannah Williams


    There are some really great ideas here! I really like the cold shower idea 🙂
    I’ve tried the 21 day thing several times with no progress, and I think you are right in saying that 1) you need to be passionate about your goal and 2) you need to be in it for a life change (that doesn’t happen overnight). I’ve also learned that when trying to make a life change, to accept failures and victories as they come. Failing a few times doesn’t mean you just give up altogether.
    Thanks for the great post!

    • Clifford Starks


      Haha those cold showers will get anyone going haha. I like you attitude Hannah, it is all a work in progress. If you want it bad enough you will get there eventually.  Best way to do it is appreciate the journey, there are going to be ups and downs. Just have faith and believe in you. I wish you the best of luck in your journey Hannah, and I hope you have a blessed day 🙂

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