Exercise is one of those things people often try to maintain, but sometimes just cannot find the motivation to do it. Let’s change that up, and put you in a position to truly enjoy what you are doing. We are going to take you another step closer to being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Power Of Thought

The way we think about things can really make a difference on ones motivation of a situation. Sometimes you can think yourself right out of a situation if you really just try. The same is true to thinking yourself into a situation.

We all know how good we feel after we exercise. Everything just seems to come to life after a great workout. So use your thoughts in the future tense. Instead of the present tense. See yourself feeling amazing after you finish your exercise routine.

Think in the future and act in the present. You will have to do the work, to get the reward of feeling amazing afterward. Just make sure to think of the reward before you get it. So if you just are not feeling it that day. Remind yourself, you will feel amazing after you are done.

Write It Down

Here is an interesting tip for you. Sometimes we can forget the positive feelings we get from accomplishing something. You might even be thinking of the negative parts of the situation. The best part of basic exercise is when it is done properly, you will feel amazing.

There is a stigma that exercise is supposed to be extremely hard, and that just is not true. It should be hard enough to where you are breaking a sweat, and your dopamine is flowing. Exercise should truly feel amazing.

On those amazing workouts you have make sure to write down those positive feelings, and leave them up somewhere you can see them. Just doing that will give you a constant reminder of how you felt doing it, and why you have to do it again.

Listen To Music

We all have that music that just gets are blood flowing. You start tapping your feet or moving your head, and you just feel alive! It puts you in a state of being where you just have to move. Use this to your advantage! The right tune’s will have you jumping out of your seat and make you absolutely want to exercise!

This is one of my favorite ways to get myself going to the gym. I cannot help but to exercise when I have the right music playing. It really just puts me in a trance of where I have to be active.

So listen to that preference of music that really just gets you in the mood to exercise.

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Eat The Right Food

I know what you might be thinking. I exercise so I do not have to eat right haha. The truth is when you eat clean, your body will want to exercise. You will have more energy, and your body will want to use that energy.

Eating right is about putting the right fuel in your body. It is also about putting enough fuel in your body. Sometimes people think eating right is having drastic calorie restrictions or going on crash diets. Leaving the body feeling weak and unable to preform.

Taking in the proper amount of nutrients, and getting the proper amount of calories will make you body want to move. If that is not motivation I do not know what is. So eat right and watch how exercise almost becomes second nature.

Make Emotional Goals

If you have ever tried to lose weight as a New Year’s Resolution, odds are you did not fair very well. There is not enough of an emotional charge there for you to stay consistent. Plus you have given yourself such a long time line that you either just say screw it and find a reason not to do it anymore.

Use real emotional triggers to exercise. Here are a couple examples. What will give you that emotional reason to really make this happen for you. Maybe you are getting ready for a wedding, or you really love that feeling after you exercise.

I remember my a coach of mine started to really take his exercising seriously when he found out he was hurting his heart from not exercising. He started thinking about his wife and kids, and how unfair it would be for them if he passed, because he did want to invest 30 to 60 minutes on himself.

So figure out what emotional trigger is going to make you feel the need to really get your exercise in.



Make exercise a fun routine. We all know how important proper exercise is, and how it is important to make a lifestyle out of it. Nobody said exactly what type of exercise you have to do. There are so many variations of it. So find the method that works best for you.

The best part is, if you get bored with one routine, you can just change it up to another routine. Anything that will get your body moving, and sweat going is a form of exercise. Find your routine and enjoy it.

Just Start

We have all heard the hardest part is the starting. You can do this, it might feel weird at first, but just start. Building a habit comes from doing. The more you do it the more the habit becomes ingrained in you.

I am glad you took the time to search this article out, and the fact that you have read this far shows you are more than capable. You just have to start. Even if it is only a little walk in the park.

We get motivated by not only doing things, but becoming successful at the goals we set out. Remember the first time you learned to ride a bike, or anything new for that matter? How awesome did it feel to accomplish it and put it together.

The same is true for exercise. It might take a little time to really be motivated to do it. With the right amount of time though you will figure out which routines you like most, and will want to have that feeling regularly. It all comes from just doing it that first time.

Good Luck

I wish you luck in your journey. Let me know how your journey goes. Also, if you have anything to add to motivating others leave it in the comment section below. There really are 1000s of ways to get motivated, you just have to find the ones that work best for you.

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